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DiabloChaos - D3 Clan Now recruiting.

Mature group of down to earth gamers
We're looking to build a strong community of D3 players of all classes, skill levels, and interests in the game: softcore, hardcore, achievement seekers, PvPers, even auctioneers. Whether competitive or casual, we're looking for all types of players. Almost everyone on the guild roster is very active; you'll see us in-game constantly, doing Inferno runs or braving hardcore mode. You can find someone playing at almost any time, day or night, willing to jump into a game with you. Over 200 members and growing everyday.

Helpful Members
Any member in the community can be helpful or interested in similar games. Whether it is achievement hunting, beating difficult bosses, or farming any specific game on different Monster Powers. Even if you are looking for a specific piece of gear, or can make better use out of items other members dont mind sharing; everyone is friendly and always up for running through a game with anyone interested. We have weekly guild events, and always guild runs, wagered pvp matches, and many live streamers with guild groups.

Experience, Skill, Friendly competition
DiabloChaos is not a newly formed guild that lacks know-how, or that might disappear overnight, the community/clan has been around since before the release of d3, but some playing together in prior games in the diablo franchise. We arent neccessarily a multigaming community, but many players in the guild do play other games such as Sc2,LoL, CoD. Diablochaos is made up of many experiencend and skilled players we plan on being very competitive with pvp groups and investing time assembling teams for arena once D3 PvP is released.

Taking the Initiative...guild ranks and events.
DiabloChaos community is not a guild in the sense of having 1 leader with complete power and control, there really is no place for dictatorship in diablo. All we care about is having a strong large active community of gamers who like to enjoy having fun and being nice with experienced and competitive players. There are many different ranks that have different aspects for helping with the guild, whether it be monitoring the website, forums, recruitment, raidcall admin, or even an active member who enjoys putting on guild events and runs willing to take the iniative to be help those needed.

*All are welcome to apply as We dont require strict dps or gear to join, but applicants must be 18+ or older, and have a level 60 class, and raidcall(similar to vent/skype w/ public guild chats so no mic required, also self ranking based on activity or time spent online). Applications to be taken into consideration you should:
-Download and Join the DiabloChaos Raidcall Server,
-Be active on the forums and in Raidcall,
-Being friendly and nice to all other members is essential,
-Interested in forming groups with anyone to have fun playing any game,
-Willing to get involved and interact with others and enjoy doing runs of different Monster
Power in any game type.

If you're a teamwork-oriented gamer that wants to balance fun and competition with an active community than check out our website to fill out a short app and browse around for more info.

Apply/Register Here: http://diablochaos.enjin.com

Check out our Guild Forums or Shoutbox:

If you want more info than what we provide about raidcall: www.raidcall.com
Random Diablochaos Raidcall Screenshot-http://i46.tinypic.com/24ccxow.jpg

Other helpful sites the community uses:
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can i join?im using a mac notebook though so no chance of installing raidcall is there other alternative?
There is raidcall software for mac OS somewhere a friend located it for his own computer, other than using raidcall there is no alternative.
I'm interested. I've never used raidcall but do have Vent. I farm mp1-6 with my DH and mp7-10 with my Barb. I got your friend request earlier and will check out your site right now. I was in a raid guild in EQ2 for 8 yrs so I am familiar with guild stuff.
let's check this out, so what do I do beside leaving a comment here?
Very interested. Off to work at the moment, please add me and I will download raid call when I get home tonight!

Players in the guild usually check our posts, but adding me is a faster process, if you are definatly interested add me and download raidcall and i`ll tell you more about it and help you join in the server. Nugius#1400
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