Diablo® III

If D3 is the future of gaming....

Still waiting for PVP Blizz.......ill bet u 5 bucks it never happens.
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d3=pay to win
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I wish someone would inform the wow kids that the real money thing was started a LONG time ago by a lot of other games and still exists........
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11/14/2012 06:25 PMPosted by ellisD

LOL! +1 this.

Ever since I have reached Max lvl I quickly discovered blizzard expects people to come with dual credit cards because that is the only way to get anywhere in this. And one of the reason's why I don't play no more. It's sad but its the truth...

you know pvp is laddered, right?

Pay to win 50/50 just like everyone else huh?

I'm pretty sure many people would rather win 50/50 against decently geared players rather than 50/50 against complete scrubs. Could be wrong.
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I'm pretty sure many people would rather win 50/50 against decently geared players rather than 50/50 against complete scrubs. Could be wrong.

then they would either need to be better at pvp or be decently geared temselves.

I mean, what do you consider decently geared? You can farm mp1 with virtually nothing. Endgame pve with no effort at all. You think it needs to be easier than that?

Most people who know anything about the game know what 'decently geared' is, and to be amongst the 'top tier' in PvP, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize what kinda gear level they'd need to obtain.

You're right in the fact that Pay-to-Win isn't as big a deal in PvP as some make it out to be, since there's no ranking system (from what I know). It's more psychological than anything else.
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I LOVE d3!! It would have to be my fave game after Monster Hunter and Resident Evil (all versions before 5) because i'm a sucker for loot.

The only real problem I see is the customization! Everyone looks the same and have similar gear. We need to be able to customize the gear we get. More classes (approx 2 more), atleast another 2 gem types. The ability to modify gear, e.g add sockets (approx 1mil or more - don't make it too cheap). 2 more acts would also be incredible!

I think the shop/customization in POE would make D3 the best game ever! Honestly, these are the changes that would make this game godly. Hopefully we see all this stuff and more in the expansion.

Thanx bliz team!

Accordint to POE you only have skill points to spend, not attribute and skill points. So it is only half of the formula to begin with. Next their passive skill tree will mean that the majority of players will without a doubt. Use the most optimal builds for their chosen class. It is simply because of the fact that players hate wasting resources and skill points are a resource.

The active skill gems in that game will no doubt be limited to a few gems that will be considered optimal by the majority. So you will see those with Marauder builds that will be using the most optimal passive skill tree spending with the most optimal gems in their gear. It is that simple, you will not be able to avoid it.
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lol at ppl that said "I miss this company, I miss that company coz they made great games ect..."
Where r all that companies now ? Dead.Coz developers can't live by air and rain water, you even have to pay for pure water lol.
They r all care for the one that pay more money,the one that feed thier family,not some semi-softcore gamers crying all day for free food :D.
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