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Best all-around follower for Wizard

Just wondering if any wizard goorus out there have advice for which follower to use in an everyday situation. I'm sure they serve different purposes for different bosses, maps, etc but if you had to choose one which one would it be?

Also, what attributes would you shoot to build for them? I'm fairly new to the game and have focused more on getting through the difficulties rather than building my characters attributes and followers.

Any advice is appreciated.

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With a kiting wiz I use Scoundrel with a Windforce. Does 12k dps and knockback for those pesky fast ones.

Can play MP6-7 with that, but the elites still kill me quite a bit.

I bought a cheap butchers sickle to test that out with the enchantress but havent really tested too much.

Still wondering about the echoing fury on a follower...
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They are all good just get them the right weapons...azure wraith for Templar...wind force for scoundrel and Maximus for Chantress. Probably scoundrel for kiting/archon...for CM/WW I'm not so sure.
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Even for CM, scoundrel gives you 3% CC, so just use him without the windforce.
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Ahh that X bow that freezes/penetrates would be good for CM/WW I bet.
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I use a CM wiz, and I've been using the scoundrel with hysteria. I found that I don't really need the 3% to crit chance from him, since mines already around 35% plus the frost nova 15%, so the added 10% damage helps more. But mostly, I just make sure whatever follower I have is outfitted with as much MF as possible. Idc if they live or die, CM build does wonders for that on my own. But an extra 10-15% mf from my follower is always helpful.
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85 Gnome Mage
Enchantress or scoundrel. Post 1.05, they're
about equal. I find a scoundrel with a great
buriza is awesome (look for one with 75+%
chance to pierce, 14+% chance to freeze).
Use cold blooded 20% extra damage to chilled
targets. A windforce is also ok, but probably
overpriced. Just find a good cold, fast bow
with a socket (life on hit in the socket, or
whatever works best given your other gear).

Perhaps redundant on a very geared CM wizard,
in which case I'd recommend enchantress.

For the scoundrel, attack speed, dex, additional
proc CC effects. Crippling shot, vanish, multishot,
anatomy. Some vit/life% perhaps, but as a wizard,
you can learn to keep your followers relatively safe
through your main characters positioning during
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Thank you all for the responses. Sounds like scoundrel is the follower of choice. I will start looking for a windforce
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