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Minor Auction House Suggestions/Feedback

As an extension of what I wrote previously I'd also like a search engine sort of thing with my auction log. That is to say the ability to type in and search for a transaction with a previous item by name.
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Another thing that might be nice and greatly simplify the ah would be the ability to sort items by how much damage they add or remove from your character. That way you don't have to link an item to yourself or do the math on it because it is already done in the auction house.
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Another thing I'd like to see would be a clock at the auction house menu. We have a clock in-game so give us a clock at the ah too.
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I think it might be nice to be able to link items in chat from your auction house log.
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How about the ability to automatically relist an item with even an option to reduce the price by a certain percentage of our choosing.
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Another thing I think would be nice would be to broaden, yet still be able to filter my selection of weapon types. For example, I constantly am looking for a mace OR an axe on my barbarian. both of those types of weapons are equally viable yet i have to do two searches when searching for them. allow players to search for a mace/axe at the same time yet filter out other weapon types.
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it also might be nice to be able to link items in chat from your auction house log
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and it could be nice when you mouse over a gem it tells you how much dmg or life it would add depending on which item you put it in
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it also might be nice to just have a drop down menu available when browsing legendaries of a specific type of legendary item. in this regard if a player selects legendary bracers they can see all of the names of which bracers are legendary and then filter the auction house in this regard. at present this functionality is somewhat in the game with players being able to type in the first few characters of the name of a legendary item, but, many players do not know the names of all legendaries so I wonder if this is causing problems.
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Well, it is six months later and I don't think any of my ideas got implemented. I wish we could get some greater focus on the auction house getting improved rather than the Playstation 3 version of the game. =/
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