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Bug: Monk's Dashing Strike/Barbarian's Charge

I saw the thread title, saw that blizzard replied, got excited that it was getting some attention, and then noticed it was almost 3 months ago...

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Yup, I too have noticed an increased incidence of this bug in the past few days. There seem to be a number of factors which influence it, including . . .

1. taking damage when DS'ing. Especially "electrified" or molten, which makes me think it's "fast" damage which is doing it.

2. Terrain. I can go weeks without the bug, but yesterday when I was in the cathedral I managed to get it three times in a row the first set of elites I encountered. I noticed a lot of the ground there is "choppy," so I wonder if this ties into things.

I've always wondered if this is actually a latency issue, perhaps occurring when your computer thinks you're one place (post dash) but the server thinks you're another (pre-dash), and that since you're taking damage in a place where you actually aren't, you simply disappear. Just a theory.

SSS continues to be a viable "escape" from the bug, but of course that's only an option when you're spec'd into it.

DS is a great skill, so I hope they're still trying to fix this. I suspect these sort of bugs can be monumentally difficult to correct, but I'll continue to hope for the day when I don't have to worry about it anymore.
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Here are my Nephalem Valor stacks...

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Here are my Nephalem Valor stacks...


QFT, and LOL!

The real suck is when you drop below the map geometry just as you see a legendary or key drop (having multiple cyclones floating about for kill shots); the string of curses I have put together after having this happen to me could make a sailor blush (and usually brings my wife into the room to make sure nothing is seriously wrong).

An update on the status of tracking this bug down and fixing it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks :-)
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Any updates on this bug? Still an issue on PTR?
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This has happened to me too. Very annoying!

TWO times in less than ONE hour!!!
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So the developers have been working on this since November and still not resolution? I guess it's a complicated bug to fix?

And why isn't this in the known issues list? An update would be nice, as it is quite annoying when it happens.
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I have not been able to complete a MF run today due to getting stuck 5 times. Very frustrating.
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7 times stuck yesterday, i just quit playing my monk and did achievement runs on my other heroes.
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Happening to me to. Almost every time I play now!
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NV loss sucks, but it can be "MUCH" worse. Two nights ago I had this bug occur after killing one of the two bosses in an infernal machine... had to exit. Wasted the infernal machine :(
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ARGH!!! F*()Y&)*(&#$IN BUG!!!
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I have the same issue with my monk. Happened ~6 times in single and multi player game.
I cann still kill the monsters but cannot pick up the loot, move or open a town portal.

See this bug for Monk/Barbarian: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7006892777
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11/02/2012 04:03 PMPosted by ALIAS
Thanks guys, we're working on it.

How has this not been fixed yet? I fall through the world at least 1 time in 5 games. Dashing strike is the only escape skill I have to use.
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Having a little hope... My character gets stuck in a "flinching" animation when this happens.... From the patch notes.... (OH PLEASE LET IT FIX IT!!!)

"Players should no longer play a flinching animation (causing them to briefly lose control of their character) if they are hit by multiple monsters at the same time."

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Played for a couple of hours last night and it didn't occur!!! Hopefully, this is resolved!!! Anyone else still see the issue after the patch? Barbs (like me)? Monks?
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and there we have it...

let me take a guess...
nothing will happen with this...not until blizz release PS version of D3,and suggest us to buy new playstation and play the game there-there won't be that bug...

fak u dear blizzard,

keep on failing
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