And thank god they're not allowing my pet to kill me anymore. That is a needed change.

*edit may as well add more stuff since I'm the last post and have free time atm.

Sure Gloom rune makes it so I can even out my hp pool or even gain, but I depending on mob type/affix I ~1/4 packs feel disc starved and have to kite more than i should have to in order to survive. The only alternative to this is changing a good build and making it even more defensive and less viable for efficiency by making multishot return discipline. That feels great to finally have enough Discipline to use the defensive abilities required to use Shadow Power and Traps and Smoke screen and reviving pet when they are needed during a champion fight in higher MP levels. RD, gloom up when they're together and my meager attacks dmg/loh aren't enough, caltrops always underneath if kiting necessary, smoke screen for moments like vortexed/arcane or jailer w/frozen/desecrate/fast.

The defensive cooldowns feel good when they're used as sparingly as possible.
They work as intended but feel like they could all be stronger by lasting longer or costing less Disc.
They all feel necessary on higher MP and still feel like they're not enough.
Their skill cap is TOO HIGH for all players! Any time I'm not in top form, I'm dead.
So many Disc based spells on bars, they now need SYNERGY with dps. Ex: For X seconds after using Y Disc spell you get Z amt of crit/dmg.

You have to use a lot of disc spells on your bars. It's time to make them more likeable, and useful, and perhaps combine 2 of them if possible to take up less room. Ex: Smoke Screen 1.5 sec then 5 seconds of Shadow Power as a new single spell. We all need to use smoke screen, we want more space on the bars.

And the thing we need Caltrops to work on most (Fast affix, underground Snakes) it does nothing on!! Have to rune to fix one (no fun) and can't do anything about snakes popping up on top of us. How about caltrops brings snakes out of the ground, fun and solved. yw
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