Diablo® III

DH Sentry Demolitions Guide (HARDCORE build)

Hey Mondo!

Id like to thank you for providing this build along with the youtube video. After seeing your post I planned to use it since i started my DH on HC. When I got to inferno I beat the game without too much trouble. Feels good. Im currently farming cash on MP1 act 1 inferno.

Anyhow, whats the next challenge? What did you go for when you beat the game? Just farming cash tends to get a bit boring in the long run, and going for infernal machine on HC seems a bit .. too much risk for a smaller reward.

I mean, the demon hunter is supposed to be the hardest class to beat HC I guess?

Cheers from Sweden

Nice to see the build is working out! I use it myself as my primary soloing character. It also seems to work quite well for ubers I've found since the stunlock is so awesome against bosses.

For me I like building non-standard characters (like d2 days) and seeing how effective they can be, so what I've been doing is collecting gear for some weird builds. On my list is Hammer of Ancients barb, Disintegrate wiz, and Strafe dh. Takes a long time since you have to get SOJ, skull grasps, etc with the right skills... but that's my next challenge I suppose.
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Man, I decided to try this build on a whim while still leveling and ran with scatter traps instead of echoing. For some reason I forgot traps had a delay, first elite pack I ran into where the whirlwinding dervishes in the Act 2 Oasis, with horde modifier. Was completely unprepared and lost my third level 50+ DH. Love the concept of this build, but so mad at myself for playing like an idiot.
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Interesting thought Mondo, about the non standard characters. I might do the same. At the moment Im farming MP2 and considering MP3 with my DH.

Have you tried doing the infernal machine and if so, did it work out well. On what MP-setting?

One funny thing i tried was to go with the weapon Azurewrath for my enchantress. It provides alot of cc for potentially even higher MP-settings. Try it if you havent already, its usually cheap.

Again, thanks for a good guide. If you come up with more interesting stuff for the DH on HC, please share it here ;)
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Thanks @Mondo for sharing your build,

Your build setup is actually my blueprint for my tank dh build

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