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Hellfire should salvage into a random organ

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^ This. They take forever to farm and 99.99% of the time they blow... They can't be dropped or traded. They are worthless sad reminders of how you just wasted hours of your life. Would it be so terrible to give them some use?
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agree, should be able to turn them into brimstone at least
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You can equip your followers with the rejects. Though salvaging for an organ is a great ideo. I have 5 fangs and 3 eyes.
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+1 to random organ salvage.
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People are gonna kick themselves hard when they salvage their "crap" hellfire rings only to find out that the next uber item implemented in the game will require 3 hellfire rings to craft!

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+1 to random organ. At first I was against it, because I thought it would make people farm ubers less, but frankly I'm done with ubers in its current state. But If I got organs from salvaging hellfire rings, I might actually consider farming more ubers to get the other parts I need for more hellfire rings. Again, as it is now, I can't be bothered anymore.
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+1 as well. Good idea for all the worthless Hellfires.
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+1 to random organ salvage, but just one.
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Signed, its a good idea.
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something like garunteed brimstone
95% chance to return a random organ
if 1 organ spawns 40% chance to return a second random organ
if secon organ spawns 10% chance top return 3rd organ

or maybe different numbers obviously

the idea is most of the time you get an organ back. ever so often you'd get 2 (but this doesn't happen often). and if rng smiles upon you you get to make another ring flat out

i agree, it should be 100% for the first one tho.
you salvage it so you should get an organ for it.

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You guys are lazy.

> checks profile
> plays a barb

nope you are the one playing an E Z class
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+1 but it has to be random, not guaranteed
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I agree
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or turn 3 bad roll hell ring to another roll of hell ring

that way u don't have 10 hell rings eating dust
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I'd say.... 10% chance to salvage at least 1 organ would be alright....
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good idea op
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