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Hellfire should salvage into a random organ

11/21/2012 06:09 AMPosted by Kayden
Where is the fun? You guys definitely got mindless grind down, but where is the ability to reroll items? Where is using specific items to craft items with specific mods? Where is socketing items? Where is an endless, random dungeon? Where is a survival mode arena that spawns endless waves until you die? Where are interesting item properties beyond base stats and laughable crap like 1.2% chance to bleed for 5-10 damage over 20 seconds? Where is 10% chance to cast energy armor on rare belts? 20% chance to cast lighting nova when struck on rare armor? Where is life steal on jewelry? Where is anything remotely interesting that isn't a 2 billion gold legendary only 0.1% of the player base can afford? Where are socketables with stats more inspired than just base stats?

11/21/2012 06:09 AMPosted by Kayden
I don't know why I'm typing this up as it's highly unlikely it'll even be read... I'm just that irritated and let down. There was all this talk of making the game epic and not wanting to constrain fun and letting people feel powerful like the broke the game... and then we're given a terrible story that interferes with just playing the game (skip the story or kill bosses, can't have both), we get terrible itemization that is a massive step back from D2 (sets especially), we get dumbed down mechanics for every aspect of the game like how stat points are manually assigned because you didn't want them to be a focus of the game... and then you make the bulk of gear revolve around them...

What more of an explanation do you want??
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11/05/2012 08:25 PMPosted by Slutmunky
^ This. They take forever to farm and 99.99% of the time they blow... They can't be dropped or traded. They are worthless sad reminders of how you just wasted hours of your life. Would it be so terrible to give them some use?

OR. the better solution

Make the hellfire ring actually a GOOD end game item with a really good chance to roll usefull affixes.
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What just happened? Fiery Brimstone prices went from like 9k each to 65k, i just sold my 200 brimstones
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They are dropping so fast ppl are unloading.
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Blizzard is considering options for what to do with all these hellfire rings. They don't want people to farm ubers for brimestones though.
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Please make crafting more affordable. 90k for some of the 6 affixes rares is far too steep. Currently the only legitimate option for junk rares and legendaries is vendor them. Salvaging is pointless since it costs too much to craft items.
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I have an idea to throw out there so here goes;


1. A RNG chance to salvage into a TOP TIER blacksmith/jeweler plan.

2. A RNG chance to salvage into a Follower specific Legendary ( NEW ITEMS ).

3. salvage into the typical mats including brimestone

This would help lower prices for jeweler designs and blacksmith plans, more players able to obtain top gear. This would help economy a little.

I don't really like the organ idea. The time i took to get all the pieces and then it spits one back at me, so now i get another ring a little faster and rinse and repeat. that is just speeding up the ring intake. Not much has changed.
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all i ever hear on this forum is people wanting to take the easy route for end game gear. i thought this was an item grinding game? dont we get crappy rolls on legends all the time?

finding a ring with 170 primary base stat is already hard. blizzard giving you a chance at a ring with that much base stat + 4 other props every 1-7 days depending on what mp lvl you do it on. (go ahead and tell everyone how many rings you id so far in your current hours and how many of them has dual stats with 100+ primary)

also you complain about having too many organs of 1 type? blizzard gave you a solution to that, it is called mp10. you cant do it? guess what your not ready to be rewarded with organs 100% of the time.
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Hellfire ring SHOULD NOT be savage into organs, brimstones are ok, the players should hard work to get the ring. What do you want next ? babysitter when you farm on inferno ? The drop must be improved, the ring is good how it is now.
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And I'm back... You might remember me from such posts as:

The rings are bound to account because they are supposed to be POWERFULL, so much so that if they were allowed to be sold on the AH they would disrupt the economy... As is 99.99% of the time they are trash, hardly worth putting on a merc. Farming ubers is supposed to be rewarding enough to make you want to keep trying... It's not. Doing ubers in D2 was ALWAYS rewarding. That is what they should have tried to replicate.

That's what I'm trying to say here really. They are trying to prevent the skipping of some of the content by not allowing the ring to salvage into an organ... but what is really happening is that they are pushing players away from all of the content because the reward is so small in relation to the effort. Or should I say the chance at a reward.

I look at it like this:
Scenario 1.) Gamer X farms till he/she gets all three organs. Yay! They played all the content! They then craft a Hellfire ring... aww it's crap. It salvages into nothing. Can't trade it. Gamer X is left with ZERO desire to replay said content.
Scenario 2.) Gamer X farms till he/she gets all three organs. Yay! They played all the content! They then craft a Hellfire ring... aww it's crap. It salvages into a random organ. Gamer X has reason to farm for the other two organs and replay said content.
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The notion of wanting Hellfire rings salvage into non-crafting items, attests to the failure of the crafting system.
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I honestly feel like pissed in the face by Blizz over and over again.
There are like 10 ppl here who are saying that the game is easy. Now I don't say it's hard, but not everyone is 20 year old and not everyone has 10h a day to play. Now when I launch the game I need some fun since a day of !@#$ is enough, I do not want more of it. You say you need hard work to go up? Damn than luck has nothing to with it? Or it's hard work for luck? So if I'm lucky and get a 2billion item, than I have an ultimate gear it's fine. But if I'm not I can try all the way till bleeding. When after a week I get nothing, than suddenly 2-3 items I sell for 10m than this is not hard work. I do not know how blizz uses random, but the random I learned at the IT university is definitely different. Now I am the unlucky type, with 250h+ in 6 month I have 40ish m which I made in the last week due to the luck (?!? - at times I ran with MF gear, and my MF was higher than now, so it's not even the rule of the big numbers) I can do mp4-5 but it would be a waste of time to do ubers, as the chances of getting a good ring is pretty low, for those who say otherwise I can gladly give cor-repetition from math, as they certainly don't know the meaning of variables. For those who say that love the thrill of getting a new HFring... well I wish I had that time, but do that math of much time it needs on mp5 to get to a ring.
And after all the lack of equality blizz made before. Like if u got your D3 2 weeks later you already suffered as economy was like a living supernova, than later again with different changes... they do it all over again, and they will. I have friends with 1.2k+ h played and they do not have even half a billion, nor end gear, as all u need is to get a perfect item. or a perfect timing to sell brimstones. or to watch blizz posts.
wtf? rly? I try to live have as much fun I can in this game, but than again comes my favorite company (I mean no irony here), and they show me that they just copied Ubisofy ideas, and all they care about is their wallet? They piss me and players who play Diablo for 15 years in the face straight. Than they use petty excuses.

Pardon me for the vulgar language, but this is the lack of all respect toward normal player and grown up man.

With Regards
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+1 random organ please!

*44 hellfires in my stash
*3 on followers
*1 on myself

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+1 to random organ!!!!

Ok guys, here's the new update:

Im now a proud owner of 60+ hellfire rings and the best one i rolled is the one im using now.
I mean come on, 60+ rings not even a decent dfecta? I don't care if 10 rings can forge into a new hellfire, your game mechanic is still so broken, and i hope this D3 beta will turn D3 expansion into what the original should have been like.


"Give me organs, or give me death"
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i've only made 10 personally. all were trash.
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Bump Bump Bump
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