Diablo® III

Vile Ward not worth price... at all.

BiS items are worth an exorbitant amount.

Vile Wards are BiS for Shoulders.

Shoulders have the most generic, boring mods imaginable.

Therefore, Vile Wards, which are BiS, just have piles of boring mods which are still exorbitantly expensive.
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<<<<<600k shoulders,..yea i prol got lucky on that price,it was a bin,lol
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My lvl 58 shoulders are really good. I had level 63 shoulders till I found this... Forget VW get some Air Spaulders :P

Air Spaulders:
249 Str.
80 Int.
32 Vit.
47 Physical Resist
80 Resist all
5% life

I mean what the heck, that had to be the best rolled 58 ever.
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11/06/2012 07:37 PMPosted by BBopMcJiggy
I noticed the prices on vile ward are a bit.... dumb. I compared the stats on my 1 million gold shoulders (160+ intel, 70+ vit, 80 resist all) to a 100 mil Vile Ward. The diff was 22 ish vitality, and 200 armor. I understand they are the best shoulders available, but the prices are absurd... has ANYONE sold a VW for that much? I can't see it happening. The above example was definitely not an isolated incident. I've been checking AH for weeks trying to find a cheap one

... then don't buy them.
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I'm currently selling 2 for under 2mil

627 Armor
170 Str
40 Lighting Resist
71 All Resist
308 regen

630 Armor
109 Str
47 Dex
192 Intel
76 All Resist
256 Armor
321 Regen

Both are 1.5mil on AH hit me up ingame if you want to buy for 1mil
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2,152,500 is all I paid for mine.

Now I understand that they are not the best, but they work well for me.

  • http://media.blizzard.com/d3/icons/items/large/unique_shoulder_003_104_demonhunter_male.png
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    Armor and life regen are useless on MP10. I would prefer shoulders with 280str and 180vit, than vile wards with 250str and 80 vit, but with allegedly useful armor and life regen.

    Uh oh he went full retard.
    Edited by Stil#1181 on 11/9/2012 11:15 PM PST
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    Who dared "allege" the usefulness of Armor and Life Regen? God forbid they prove to be actually so :D
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    omg i can join the game and i pay money for these !@#$
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    I'm currently selling 2 for under 2mil
    170 Str

    They cost 300k max. Search pushovers elsewhere.

    Uh oh he went full retard.
    Edited by Stil#1181 on 11/9/12 11:15 PM (PST)

    You made several edits and didn't manage to make an intelligent phrase. What did you do instead of studying at school?
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    By the way, prices on the asian auction house:
    Vile Ward 191 Strength, no vitality - 150 000
    Vile Ward 193 intelligence, no vitality - 400 000,
    Vile Ward 197 dexterity, no vitality - 1 000 000

    These prices are fair.

    But this piece of trash for 1.5 million, are you kidding me?
    170 Str
    40 Lighting Resist
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    its funny, a main stat vile ward in HC is like 4-15m
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    if you need res all they are beast.............If you dont seven sins are better esspecially for the price but as a wizard on shoulders I would need in this priority ...Int/Vit/%life the rest is extra or optional for me i am at 500+ res all anyways no point into overdoing it for 100's of milions when you can spend that on a Wand or source that is more beast.
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    Yea they are overpriced and I guess because of the armor and how they look on characters. Check out my crafted shoulders for my Wiz:

    167 INT
    84 VIT
    69 AR
    9% to Life

    Unless I FIND a Vile Ward with better stats, meaning one drops on a run, I won't need to spend everything just to add 1-5k in dps and 300+ in armor.
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    Found a good pair, 270 something str sold em for 50 m bought a good cheap pair and other gear. They are over priced but when your searching for an extra boost to your dps they can be with it
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    Strength users may find less mileage out of Vile Ward as rare shoulders can inherently roll higher Str than Dex or Int, whereas the fixed roll component for Vile Wards all roll the same value (170-200).

    But please don't post your rares here with low armor and no life regen and compare it to a Vile Ward with similar base stats. A difference of 300 armor is huge - that's like equivalent to roughly 30 resist all in terms of added EHP. 300 life regen is pretty damn good as well.
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    vw droped for me and at the time i was poor so sold it for 60/70m and then a week later got one pretty much the same from ah for 10m i think its like all the great item when they first hit the ah they go for way to much give it 2 weeks they all drop to nothing echoing fury is a great example
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    I got mine for 100mil but i think i got a damn good deal. Take a look!
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    Have these if anyone is interested...

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    11/10/2012 11:53 PMPosted by Thorr
    I got mine for 100mil but i think i got a damn good deal. Take a look!

    Yours are obviously better, but just paid 17m for mine (249 str, 50vit, 57 physical, 77 ar, 292 life regen). Seems like the highest end is ridiculously expensive.
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