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I can get them down to 20% hp but then they vanish but I'm a WD with a pet build and my pets are morons and will not focus the goblin so I lost them every damn time. I wish there was a key or something so I could force my pets to attack and only attack whatever I told them too, like a kill command. I HATE losing out on goblins because my pets decide to attack random mobs.

Another problem is my barb can easily do MP5(MP10 takes too long) but I can't touch treasure goblins even on MP1. My suggestion is that as long as I attack the treasure goblin, he should not be able to portal out, only if I stop attacking for 5-10 seconds.

No way you can do Mp5 with a decent speed without dying. It takes me a while to kill mobs on MP5 and i have more than double your dps.

But I can kill mp5 goblins, so theres your problem.
25k dps these days is really bad.
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11/08/2012 05:52 PMPosted by Seto
One of the reasons I'm still farming mp0 instead of mp1. I have to pop WOTB to kill them in mp1 8(

Three hardcore level 60's. I am officially impressed. Both at your skills as a gamer and at your apparently extremely stable internet connection.

Also, I would like to know why rend only lasts about a second on gobs. I feel completely gimped against them. I struggle to take them out on MP 2 even with WOTB.
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11/08/2012 05:47 PMPosted by Lylirra
When we were initially deciding how Treasure Goblin health would scale with each level of Monster Power, we wanted to make sure that they could still stand a chance against your heroes and provide a reasonable challenge. We thought we scaled them pretty well, but after paying close attention to your feedback since 1.0.5 launched, we agree that we may have set the bar too high. We're already looking at making some adjustments to tone down goblin health at higher MP levels, but we don't have any specifics to share at the moment.

Well, actually the hp is fine. Just add more times before they open the final portal and run off.

Many god-gear players found out it's a little bit hard to kill a goblin in mp10.
yeah bar on goblins hp was set a bit too high
Leave their health the same IMO.

It's a DPS check for your current MP level. Sure monks and barbs can go massive LoH + LS and do mp8 with low dps and not die, but are they really properly geared to do that MP level? No, and shouldn't be rewarded with nerfs to accommodate their lack of dps.
Gobs are fine...keeps people with like 30k dps from at least missing out on *something*. Not like it really matters...I can't remember the last time a gob dropped anything worth a damn. Half the time I skip em if I'm just on xp speed runs.
Yeah, either increase the time that they are out (increase their attempts at opening portals [from 1-2 times to 3-5 times]) or lower their HP by 25%. It's ridiculous how it has more health and defenses than the enemies that actively try to kill me.
Lower their health or increase the time it takes before they port. Most of the reason I can't kill them is because I've only got 12% MS and when I find them in open areas, I have to chase them down.

Another problem is my barb can easily do MP5(MP10 takes too long) but I can't touch treasure goblins even on MP1. My suggestion is that as long as I attack the treasure goblin, he should not be able to portal out, only if I stop attacking for 5-10 seconds.

I'm sorry, but you're not clearing MP5 "Just fine" and still be unable to kill a treasure Goblin on MP1. I can clear MP6 just fine(and that's including killing the goblin 3 times out of 4). When I go to MP1 for fast EXP runs, my SSS alone will kill the goblin. If you're clearing MP5 with gear that can't kill that a MP1 goblin, then you are going as slow as molasses and/or dying a metric !@#$ ton.
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Best goblin killer is monk, others suffer killing goblin at higher mp
Totally agree! If I'm playing anything past MP 4 I just run right past them because the disappointment of not killing them is far too much.
A big tip for folks that are having time killing a goblin with a barb would be to have a large amount of bonus run speed handy. Whether through WotB, Sprint or a couple of pieces of +12 percent run speed.
An average played should be able to kill a goblin if they stay on them. The where always meant as a fun surprise with a little chase and reward. If you don't give chase, they get away!
Somehow they turned into a test of DPS, where only the best equipped get to enjoy the fun.

Good call on adjusting the hit points, not being able to blow out the candles on your birthday cake sucks.
Great to hear Lylirra.

To add on something I noticed yesterday, but forgot to mention elsewhere, is that I caught an NPC attacking a goblin and nearly lost him. It was in Act 3 in the fields. I saw the goblin on the corner of the screen while clearing out that building that can spawn in the middle area. When I went around to kill him I caught an NPC chasing him.

Having previously seen piles of gold in the middle of areas I haven't even cleared yet makes me wonder how many goblins I've missed out on because of NPCs.

Are you running with the Enchantress? My guess would be that she may have charmed one of the NPC's and it then turned it's focus to the goblin? It's the only logical explanation I can think of.
Please do not lower it... yeah. MP 10 is designed/meant to be hard and may not be the most efficient way to farm anyway
Who cares, goblins drop crap anyway
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