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11/08/2012 05:49 PMPosted by Zerinax
When we were initially deciding how Treasure Goblin health would scale with each level of Monster Power, we wanted to make sure that they could still stand a chance against your heroes and provide a reasonable challenge. We thought we scaled them pretty well, but after paying close attention to your feedback since 1.0.5 launched, we agree that we may have set the bar too high. We're already looking at making some adjustments to tone down goblin health at higher MP levels, but we don't have any specifics to share at the moment.

Nooooo ! They're fine ! It needs to be a challenge, please, don't change it. Lower your MP if you can't kill one.
Hey moron! How about you get out of mp3 and try k illing one on mp10 before you say that theyre fine. Dip*
11/13/2012 01:49 PMPosted by Bionda

Nooooo ! They're fine ! It needs to be a challenge, please, don't change it. Lower your MP if you can't kill one.
Hey moron! How about you get out of mp3 and try k illing one on mp10 before you say that theyre fine. Dip*

Many players, including me, are already killing MP10 goblins so yes they are fine.
Bloodshot, I do not want to spark a fight or anything but this one time you are absolutely wrong. I do full act clears at MP6 ( Yes full clears no Alc runs or any of that crap I kill EVERYTHING hence my relatively low elite kills per time played ) in about an hour to 2 depending on how lazy I feel. And I am at 182k DPS for 90% of that time, which with your vast knowledge of D3 and Barbs I would have guessed you already know that though. If you are trying to claim that my act clears will drop to 30 minutes or less at MP4 then MAYBE you have an argument, but next to that you are absolutely incorrect about how efficient my MP6 runs are. Just because I do not exclusively champ farm to get crazy elite kill numbers does not mean I am inefficient.

P.S. If you want me to log out while Berserk to make it look like my base DPS is much higher than 112k then I can do that, I just never saw the point and frankly feel saddened for people that do.
MP6 is the highest I can kill. (MP7 kills are possible, but very iffy, and MP8 just isn't happening).

Personally, I don't much mind either way - they're still i61 mobs so it's not like I'm going to see great drops from them.
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MP7 is possible for me but only if I corner them and can smack them down. If they have room to run I have no chance.
Just reread what I posted, I was not claiming you were logging while beserk, I was just makeing reference to what you said about 112k DPS when I am sure you already know a WW Barb spends all his/her time almost beserked and therefore much higher, and to that 53% crit and yea the 112k means nothing.
Every time I see someone post about playing at a lower level because it's "more efficient" (read: "dead easy"), I wonder what the point is. If you only play a given MP level when it's not challenging, what are you gearing up for, exactly? You plan on outgearing the content the whole way through MP10 anyway.
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All MP10 is for epeen strokers. When they're the idiot standing there for 10 mins to get 1 pack down and I've done an entire run in 10 mins.

lol @ 10 minutes

step up your dps game
11/08/2012 05:49 PMPosted by Zerinax
Nooooo ! They're fine ! It needs to be a challenge, please, don't change it. Lower your MP if you can't kill one.

its about balance... i can kill anything in mp5 quite easily. however a treasure goblin is stupid. so i should drop down to mp3, just so i can kill the 2-3 goblins ill come across in an hour run?

i'd be happy if i can just freaken stun them because i'm using a skill that barely anyone even uses... on a MONK, (ooo a class that no one uses!) and sometimes stupid accidents occur where my stupid follower shoots it before i get the first hit and it ends up running away with less than 100k hp remaning.
and i play on mp6.

why is it that you can freeze it but you can't stun nor blind it? They are equally stun effects with freeze being the best because wizards can take advantage of it with cold blooded but there aren't any skills that benefit from stun and blind isn't fully stun, enemies can still move around aimlessly and can potentially mess up aoe skills. just another big !@#$ you to the monk, great design bliz.
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Do not decrease it!
its when the little focker runs into a crowded pack doubled with champion and elite packs is when i just give up the chase...pointless when it drops a ton of tome of secrets..
there is absolutely no way you killed an mp10 Treasure gob with a buffed 190k dps monk.

11/08/2012 05:50 PMPosted by sayuu
MP10 goblin is still possible though, killed it with 190k buffed DPS - monk

There is no way you killed a MP treasure gob with a buffed 190k dps monk. I can barely kill one with a 400k buffed dps monk when i trap them in a corner and do non-stop dps to one.
11/08/2012 05:47 PMPosted by Lylirra
but we don't have any specifics to share at the moment.

do all devs have a macro for this line?
Ok here is what i remember from early days of the game it is that the gob's have a high crowd control resistance cast sleet and see he goes through it no jinx no monk stun rend doesnt work it all makes sense except for the occasional wiz with very high atk spd who are able to stutter them ove 3.0 i guess the aps is the key factor there. cc skills and dots are inneffective. as others have said it is a dps check. i think its good although Dh's actually have it pretty good here straight single target dps thats highly mobile. make a dh friend my fellows and we all get gob's...

pretty sure if someone could search early forum days there were even blue cm posts on the cc part. When we wore blues and never killed gob's
NPC's triggering goblins is common...I've seen it a bunch of times. Usually as it goes giggling into the vortex.
I've killed them alone on mp7 but it had to be nearly perfect. Any monsters adds make the pets wander off instead body block him.

Reducing their health would be nice OR you could make them path around a whole lot longer (dropping more gold and items) to compensate for the increased health.
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