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All DH uber run mp7-8

i want to but i dont have a machine lol
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Anyone doing uber mp8 now? i would love to have a run with all DH :)
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bump for all dh power
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any run??add me mfr2908#6105..not that great DH but been playing mp7/8 uber..with a tanker of course
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have a machine and ready to go.
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Still there jstzz1?
Im ready to go too!
Anyone else up?
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Hyneman#2293 i can survive mp10
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Hows the run?
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How are the runs going with just DH's?

I would jump on board but I think I've had my fill of ubers after an MP8 carry went horribly wrong today because the CM we used couldn't stay alive more than 30 seconds. Ended wiping on ZK because I couldn't keep him stunned without a tank taking the aggro off me.

How are you shutting down ZK? Just straight stun lock?

Speaking of the devil. Only 3 of us took the run on mp8.

ghom/rak = Gave a little challenge.
magda/sk = Went very smoothly.
sb/zk = was horrid since the other dh left.
Other DH took sb and i went on zk without bolastun. Good old fashion kiting and sidesteping lol. I dont have vault. Our skill combos are totaly out of sync. We always run out of time. Finaly decided the other one change skill and get boar. Then after that we took em down easily.

I did some soloing before I realized grouping is so much better. Boar is awesome for a DH if you are doing ubers by yourself hehe.

If you're looking for someone and I'm on I'd like to go. I usually always keep at least one machine on hand for pickup runs. I have mostly been doing MP7, but I think I'd be ok on MP8. I switch out gems and ring and run perfectionist.
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I can tank ghom and raka combined at mp 9 and under....have tanked ghom on mp 10 while others kept raka busy. I run 9 with my group which usually is all dh's and sometimes a barb. I'm always willing to run more though, let me know if anyone is interested.
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add me. Always have a couple machines on me.
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interested! add me Cheongster#6923
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interested too! v excited to know more fellow DHs to do runs together. =))
add me @ suakwokz#1653.
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Gonna go for a quick run. Anyone?
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1 more dh
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add me :D quantukiem#1222
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ehh if im on i may join in. andrewnguyen#1984
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feel free to add me.

I do MP7 with groups in DPS mode and can tank as well.

My Tank is more of a true tank. Lower DPS but high survivability.

My Tank build has:
0% movement (so I do move slower)
over 1,000 resistall (with perfectionist & Boar)
~70k HP
over 6k Armor
Depending on Bow I choose 1300 LoH or 2100 LoH
Depending on bow I choose 26k DPS or 36k DPS

I use Gas Grenades as primary and Spiked:Echoing as secondary Also use Chakram:Shuriken for melee to constant proc LoH

anyhoooooo those who have played with me when I'm in tank mode can vouch for me I'm sure... lol
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good idea, i am pretty tanky can leech siegebreaker at mp8.

200k dps, 400k ehp without dodge

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