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I have this recurring problem with this mouse when I play this game. There is nothing that I change but every once in a while, the mouse becomes unresponsive when I'm playing. The left click just stops responding and I stand there until I manically press it until it responds again. It cuts in and out basically and I am trying to be an efficient farmer at MP5 but this does not help. I've had a long streak for it to not become unresponsive but I have a feeling it has something to do with the game because it works in every other game except this one. Thanks!
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ive seen it happen with my MX518. i have the setpoint software installed for my logitech that allows me to set the extra buttons to do what i want them to. so i set one of the side buttons to the "shift" key. i hold the side button+left click to stand in place and attack enemies all the time. occasionally though it will just stop attacking and i have to click again a couple times to get it going. its weird.

normally though i dont see this happen.
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I've been experiencing the same thing I think at home recently using a wired Logitech G5. When it happens to me though, it's unresponsive for a few seconds then I hear the Windows sound like a new USB device was just detected. I haven't tried to fix it yet since it happens so rarely and lasts just a second or two, but it does happen. It hasn't happened to me yet at work though where I use a wired Logitech MX 518 so I'm pretty sure it's something to do with my pc at home.

What have you tried so far in resolving it?
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You might try uninstalling Logitech's Set Point software and just use the mouse as Windows detects it. I'd also try another mouse just to be able to rule out the actual mouse as the problem.

Booting in selective startup mode might also help in case another app that auto-runs is conflicting somehow. The tricky part is making a change and then running the game long enough to determine if that change had an effect or not.

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