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My flawed logic on Gruesome Feast

Just wanted to share my thought or rather my flawed logic on Gruesome Feast.
I know its a great Passive - its kick a$$ seriously with 50% extra INT - its crazy damage.
But here's some of my flawed logic on why I do not use it:

1) Health globes - Yes the very fact that it need you to pickup health globes to stack GF. My logic is that I always try to leave health globes untouched, as for me they are for replenishing my HP in case of emergency. So if I am >50% I try my best to ignore those globes and leave if the a rainy day.

2) Range style - the other reason which is partly related to reason 1) is that I play range style. I let my pets tank and hold up the mobs while I spam from far. As a result the globes are all far from me and thus reason 1).

3) The duration for GF - its only 10 seconds. And due to reason 2 and 1. By the time I picked up the globes the wave of mobs have already all die and the time it trake to meet the other wave, I would have left with about say 4 seconds of GF - pretty pointless now.

4) The MP levels. Another main disadvantage of GF is due to the nature of the MP levels. Lower MP - I don't need GF for the extra damage, PtV is good enough for me. VQ also takes care of my mana. At higher MP, GF becomes useless as mobs dies slower and globes drops are slower.

Can anyone convince me otherwise to use GF for farming purpose? I know some othe builds do good with GF like the Final Gift, Life is Death, Circle of Life build but those are not my style I guess.
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i think you pretty much summed it up yourself. if you're not in melee/mid-range spamming skills (bear or bats for example), GF is kindda gimped.

i find GF+GI+Bear+Soul Harvest extremely synergized. head into mobs, and spam and move on. then again. is farming yeah.
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I like it for replenishing mana as well. I don't run with a primary or VQ so in between packs my pickup radius grabs all the globes and I am back at full mana for the next set of mobs.
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Here is the thing.

If we are running a build that does not have GI, then this is not a good farming build. The real question is not GF, which is pretty optional, the real question is why are you not using GI.

With GI, and if you are running at a proper MP lvl, basicly:

1. SW into a mob
2. SH boost your damaget+deal some initial damage through vengeful soul
3. Bear them/Acid rain them (you are still immune to damage due to SW)
4. SW refreshed and move on, grab globes when you leave/ boost your damage even more and refill your mana in the mean time.

For farming in the most strict sense, "fun" or "what a class play style should/should not be" has no place. Only thing that matters is efficiency. So a build with pets/ptv without bear/acid cloud/GI is not a true farming build.
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yes true enough GI/GF is a really strong combination.
it will melt higher MP mobs with bears.

But I don't really this GI/GF is necessary on lower MPs for example MP1. And I find MP1 the most efficient farming actually.

Acid Rain twice to cover the whole screen and spam 2 ghost bombs maybe 3 - and the whole screen is already dead. I don't need bears or reduced cooldowns.
Elite takes a bit, the most mayb 15 seconds of ghost bombs and acid rain. But I clear white mobs like no tomorrow.

the only thing holding me back now is my movement speed which I regret to say is at the default +0%. well I am working to get a lacuni or maybe inna's
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just wanted to add on.. that hey this is the beauty of Witch Doctor. We have a really near OP passive but its not compulsory for everyone.

unlike other class like Wiz, where CM is almost compulsory say 99% will use it.

WD is really build diversity
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GI is for refreshable SW, which boosts your MS tremendously.

GF is pretty optional, as I stated, but GI is mandatory to achieve efficiency.


check this video out, and think again :)
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hey ive switched to using globes as my healing on speed runs. I use 48 yrd pickup radius which is just enough to get every glob.

with just 3k extra healing from globes I find it a more effective source of healing than 1k loh or 5% ls for low mp. EXCEPT vs reflect damage.

Having 48 yrds pickup radius really makes the difference. Im almost always at full health vs non reflect and at 5 stacks gf at all times. It was not like this even when I was running with 35 yrds.

however globs is not very good vs reflect. vs every thing else its severely underrated when used with huge pur.

p.s. oh I see my video has preceded me lol
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There's a reason I popped

30m on a "crappy" Zuni ring with health globes
40m on vilewards with pickup
50m on witching with pickup

To abuse this lol.
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