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something different since maintenance...

im having trouble with fury regen now...i keep running out of fury unless im in a huge packed room full of mobs. anyone else experiencing this? my wrath even runs out on single targets like ubers...
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exactly same issues here. Tornado from sprint seems to be less, sprint speed itself too.

latency at the same time has been fluctuating....not enjoying all this the least bit

btw, wiz friends experiencing more dmg taken too
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I thought it was my mind playing tricks on me, but I agree. Something seems off. More damage taken and fury seems a bit rougher.
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I would also like to jump on that conspiracy train. Ive made the same experience.
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Same issue here :(
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I've noticed that I can War Cry and Battle Rage back to back now...where as before I couldn't. I would hit War Cry...the wait for the first mob to get a hit in then pop Battle Rage.

I have too much Attack Speed and use a dagger off hand, so I can't tell if my fury regen is being nerfed.
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Calm down people. there was some horrible lag goin on last night. Ever lagged out bad before? you will get stuck in a world where you swing and swing yet nothing happens...but for some reason you still take damage. with all the consistant lag spikes you were doing your norm but some of your attacks were not procing correctly. i noticed swinging cleave during a spike wouldnt even do anything. It was buggy last night, nothing got nerfed. slow down or we will quickly have a bunch of OMZERS blowin up and takin our retardedness to front page.
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It's funny...with all the !@#$ that Blizz has pulled off in the past, everyone freaks out (including myself) after maintenance.

I have to say...I was never able to pop War Cry and Battle Rage back to back...since maintenance, I can! So it's a good thing for me.
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