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Rate the Barb Above u V10

hey all the other thread was full. thought i would kick it off again

i am looking at an upgrade again now what should be my next upgrade be ?? any suggestions would be great.
hum i think you should get a bit more dps by adding some cc and some str (armor with more socket) some attack speed could also help you since you're a WW barb (a good lacuni or a mempo even though they are expensive) but for somemone who probably dont use the rmah its a pretty nice begining
@deathstar can't comment on your gears. you have more elite kills than me :p

can i ask what i should upgrade first? i want chest but dont have the golds right now :( those IK chest are so expensive damn.
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Thanks for the help!
@Lego - I would try to pick up some IAS to speed up the swing of that skorn.

I would suggest adding IAS to your gloves and possibly rings, also look into getting a Skorn with LS.

Interesting build, i think you can also benefit from a little IAS in your life. A mainhand with some base crit will also help a lot.
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Life steal > Life on hit now? I am hoping to find/save for a nice mempo for the attack speed also looking for some one handers.
@ Redbull.

Nice barb, nice everything.
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11/13/2012 11:01 PMPosted by fengshenwee
@Castablanca OP gears u got there. Thank u for your advices. I got the Echo cheap so cannot complain too much but I do prefer a CD + socket one. I use the fear to corner elites but open area is really irritating. Many friends of mine said they will stop looking for an echo after seeing how I fight. lol

The fear proc from Echo can be used to your advantage. Perfect for mid-range to long-range Barbs.
This thread is so awesome. True spirit of Diablo camaraderie.

@Grund. 100/10 for your barb's name. BarbieQue? Brilliant man. and i thought I was clever naming my barb barbara.
Clearly Skorn + decent attack speed = massive dps. Very nice +9% attack spd on 2 rings + 1 amulet + 1 glove. this +36% to attack speed brings you to what attack speed currently?

I can imagine stacking your attack speed even further with Inna's Temperance (+9%), Zuni's legacy boots (+6%), Witching hour belt (+9%). That would be insane to see a 2-hander achieve 2.0+ attack speed.

Only thing that stands out is the low health. But with the LS on belt and OH as well as LoH you have, it may not actually be a problem for you. That would be my only suggestion though, more Vit.


I have no business critiquing you. You need to be holding classes on how to gear. /drool at your strength.
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Wow. Just wow. Same thing I said to Grund, amazing attack speed for a 2-hander skorn barb.
What would happen if you pushed your attack speed even further?
-Inna's Temperance +9%
-Zuni's legacy boot +6%
-Witching hour +9%

You should switch the HF ring to a CC/IAS one until you roll the right HF for the Double Tornado. Also, big ups on your building around globes and potions. With your excellent EHP, it's a good choice to have over 23k HP bonus!
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Your bottleneck is crit damage. You have plenty of the other stats. Try switching out your hellfire for a CD+AS ring. Will do you wonders. And eventually, swap out your Echo for one with a socket.
@Beckett...what is your crit damage at? I am guess you might need to add some but other than that gears is looking real good
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Also, big ups on your building around globes and potions. With your excellent EHP, it's a good choice to have over 23k HP bonus!

Mark of an expert. didn't even see that. Nice perk. Eagle eyes, this acrimony fellow has.
@Castablanca....excellent barb, amazing damage.

anytips on getting my damage up?
yeah, spend more money on gear like all the "good" kids do.

6/10. get better gems and some socketed weps. maybe some IAS too. that'll go a long way.

Really nice Barbarian. I like the added IAS% to make the maces swing faster. What's your IAS on your main hand? Also, amazing Tyrael's Might. Almost perfectly rolled. I'd recommend getting +damage on your jewellery though.
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