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Rate the Barb Above u V10

@Acky wow nice dps....besides not having much atk speed damn solid build 8/10 :)
Huge HP!
@Acky wow nice dps....besides not having much atk speed damn solid build 8/10 :)
Huge HP!

Thanks...but I am sitting at 2.06 attack/sec, so I am not sure if you are aware of that. :p
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Anyone with advice for me? I don't have too much gold but telling what is weakest piece would be nice. Also attack speed doesn't help much because I am a dot user.

@ mikey wolf
your necklace and bracer should be changed

Necklace lacks crit chance(5 is low for neck)
Bracer could upgrade with lacuni prowler with crit str

You mostly lack attack speed and life steal(not loh)
http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/TheusDorian-1175/hero/18653197 There we go

@Orion 10/10

You pretty have the items that I have been hunting for and its proof it works, but I am going to end up using a 2hand weapon over 2 1hand weapons.

My account: ChrisH36#1805

Thanks. Can increase my attack speed, Res and upgrade my offhand tho. Wondering if I should get Res on my gloves instead of the one I'm using now.
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I know I need +5% life steal on my skorn but apart from that I need more defense as my 100k unbuff dps i think is fine for now
@Orion O_o pretty beast barb 10/10 xD
10/10 G3N3S1S


Comparing you to G3N3S1S, I'd say its just about getting best in slot gear. I can't really critique you because I have trouble myself gearing up to get over this 100k unbuffed DPS wall. Maybe just some trifecta bling?
@kabaly 8/10.

To get over 100k dps cheap, here are some options.

1) get an echoing fury, around 10m.

2) get average dmg amulet with crit and crit dmg, a decent one is around 5m.

3) get average dmg ring with 6 ias and 5 crit, maybe 2-3m.

Good luck!
@Leo nice nothing to say 9.8/10

Pretty sick barb! get some crit on your lacuni!

- 9.8/10
damn nice man..... your elite kills are outrageous, haha. (ps, I think people are getting a little generous with their ratings... shouldn't be giving above a 7 if unbuffed dps is below 100k.)

9.4 ;)
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@Nerkomm - how do you go with such low HP. Nice stats otherwise
LoL just look 3 pretty sick Barbs at once Leo/BoB and myself
@R not bad mate 5/10 you will get there
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@Rez 3/10 pretty decent gear for the paragon level. Easiest upgrade I think would to get 70+ all res on shoulders.
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Depends on what I'm doing. I swap for leech weps depending on my MP.

Nice, all rounded barb! Next upgrades are probably the rings or a beautiful main hand.

Overall 8/10 Barb.

ty.....was wondering if i was headed in right direction......had dboy help me awhile back and have modified several pieces since hes helped me due to finding my ik belt and my blackthornes armor.....nice to hear im heading in the right direction
LoL just look 3 pretty sick Barbs at once Leo/BoB and myself
@R not bad mate 5/10 you will get there

Haha you flatter me.. Definitely can't be mentioned in the same breath as people like acrimony..

Thinking of switching out my soj and offhand - Thoughts?
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