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Rate the monk above you part 8!

Kojin, good dps but how do you stay alive with such low resistances.

Anyway, whoever is next, check out my farming gear (boots should have 20 more magic find with similar dex/vit stats but about 200 less armor) - !@#$%^-*!@er.

6% ls and buff 200k+ dps.


The obvious you could use more crit dmg and AS. But way to balance out. Verrry nice. Rated... copacetic...
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I'm a noob so... :(


The obvious you could use more crit dmg and AS. But way to balance out. Verrry nice. Rated... copacetic...


My next upgrade I was already looking to replace my main hand weapon with a 1000+ DPS LS, Crit, 150+ dex, and AS if I can get it :)
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Looking to break the 100K dps mark.

What do I need for that without losing survivability?

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@thaad try changin your bracer with higher CC it should give you more dps.
hi there. can someone help rate my monk? i'm trying to to get through MP10 but my attack speed does not seem high enough. that said, i dont really want to drop my vit or resist by getting lucani bracers. any advice?

here's me: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Stryder-1200/hero/15113447

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@peekyueye i will rate you since stryder seems to have forgotten you. An easy way to boost that dps would be to go for the Echoing Furry. An EF with 1k dps and a socket would put you pretty close to your goal. Also you may consider get a two piece nat set. I went with boots and ring. Don't worry about the crit on the ring right now as with a two piece you will still gain crit chance even if the ring does not have the cc.

As for me:
Ok I know that in the end i will probably be getting amulet and gloves with CD. At this point i can't find anything that has the amount of dex/vit that i am getting with my current gear. I know you have to give some to get some but i just don't want to give too much and that where you guys come in to play. What should i sacrifice to get that extra crit damage and will it justify that loss?

The other area i really need guidance in is with weapons. I will eventually get another EF with either LS or CD witchever i happen to stumble uppon that doesn't cost 2 arms and legs for because lets face it, i will need at least ONE arm to use the thing. hehe. Ok and for my offhand im really looking at getting a Won Kim Lauo (pardon spelling if incorect plz). I am really hesitent to buy one right now because im not sure exactly what dps i will need in order to "increase" my damage output. I understand that my dps will go down since i will be lossing the extra CD from my current OH. I will be getting a WKL with socket and LS. Im currently looking at around 830 dps just not sure if that will be enough to counter the CD hit i will take.

So that's pretty much it. Any help/constructive criticism is more than welcome. Thank you for the help and i look forward to your responses.
@cloudstrife Offhand with higher dps, even if less CD will increase your DPS greatly. I had a similar offhand with about 20dps less and moving to my current OH I lost about about 50% cd and still came up over 15k dps

Also, if you can get a main and OH with LS, could replace that hellfire (I know, lots of farming) with something CD/CC or CD/AS instead of the LOH... Amulet is a great place to add to CD without costing too much gold.
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Solid monk, cool name too. Reminds me of all those Saturday morning Kung Fu movies with bad dubbing!

Many pieces are missing a DPS stat but thats most likely deeping you within a certain budget. You can upgrade your gloves to add ATK speed and I know your belt is pretty eHP ready but you may want to upgrade to a witching hour to add to your DPS. They get pricey when you add in high Dex, Vit and a given resistance but it is worth the added ATK speed and CD that it will give you.

@ Deeshay

This is just my opinion, but I think it would be better if you have LOH as well. LS are great but at some point when you're mobbing having LOH helps a lot. ASI and LOH, I think you need those. Since you have slow weapons, I think you need more ASI stats on your items.
Setup looks fine, only problem seems to be vitality, you can consider swapping your lacuni to a non dex , vit piece with 9asp /5-6 crit that would help you much without losing any dps.
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@cloudstrife - Imo, ditch the 4 piece innas, while keeping sweeping winds up 100% without worry is convenient, its not necessary. Grab a dex/cc Mempos and grab a solid Witching Hour. As for weapons, I'm a huge fan of the Echo Fury (With ls, or cd, Mine has Ls) + Butchers Sickle combo (Mine has 800ish Loh + 2.5 Ls I believe, as well as 55cd). If you are not a fan of Loh, Look for 1 with a dex attribute. Just these 4 changes alone, should greatly increase dmg, survivability, and awesomeness, and you'll look cool doing it =)
@ CaptainCarl

Great gear but I would advice you to drop those Shenlong's. At your current DPS, I'm pretty sure you are having problems with REFLECT, even with UBER Siege Breaker. I had the same problem until last week, I had around 140k unbuffed DPS before I changed my weapons, I lost a lot of DPS but it was worth it.
Pls rate me..Want your advice for upgrades thanks
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Nice monk you got there nicoman777. Lots of resists and armor(using hardtarget) reflect must give you a hard time though having no life steal.

Im a huge fan of attack speed having the fastest monk over 100k dps in the world and I don't see much on your monk, must feel like you're playing in slow motion :O

http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Solo-1906/ <- My profile

Can anyone tell me how to replace my starcraft avatar with a diablo 3 one making my d3 profile available easily here on the forum. thx
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Drop those shenlongs and get LS, well of course try to keep CHD / DEX / ASI / OS on your new weapons, if you can at least have LOH on your weapons as well since I don't see any LOH on your gear that would be great. Besides that I don't see any problem on your gear, maybe too much resist if you ask me, you won't be needing that much resist if you have LS + LOH on your gear. Survivability is not only about having high AR and EHP, Attack speed + LOH, CHD + LS, they count as well. Higher crit gives out higher LS, faster hits gives out faster LOH. That's about it. I hope it helps.
@solo hi thanks for the sharing your advice. My attack Speed currently is 2.4 approx so I am fine with it.
As mentioned from my other friends on diablo LS, Yes but I dont need it I just use my LOH which is part in my weapon. I dont have problems with Reflect Damage at all.

Though I hate arcane (LASER thing) . hitting by it like 3 times will kill me...no doubt.

What did you mean in slow motion?
On my mantra by the way I often use Backlash. The one you saw I was playing around when i was leveling because it does get so boring doing it million of times lol...as you know...

With your monk sure is a good one too...!!!! :)
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Thanks, have a strange mix of my gear showing ATM.. should be about 100% increased attack speed :D

2.4 is slow to me, I'm at roughly 3.4aps avg between both hands (or 3.15 - 3.9 individual hands)

It would be hard to counter reflect going forward with only life on hit, you will need more and more of it, where if you add in 2.7%+ lifesteal you can cancel it out and maintain a static amount of LOH without needing to add anymore.

Backlash scales with attack speed in case you didn't know and it also synergizes very well with life steal. I use backlash when I'm not in a group or when I'm with another monk and it sits around 129% wpn dmg. :D Hard to die when every dodge basically refills my HP.
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A fellow Shenlong user, nice!

Aweseome resists and solid DPS. Even though your ammy is great I would lean towards a blackthorne cross with crit chance to increase your IAS add a bit of LOH and to top it off with the set bonus.

Well done 9/10
@ralph thanks for the time in giving some advice and tips. As current I am using life on hit at my right hand sheng long and with my attack speed am fine it fill up my jar. hehe... so dont want to change weapons just for LS.

The resistance with armor I have helps me be able not to run often on higher MP its just my playing styel and laziness to run but i do run...sometimes i have dashing strike in my abilities thay i use esp when i am bored playing. hehehe

As I mentioned to @solo only annoying thing that bothers me are the arcanes and ground effects (some are ok and some just drains my hp fast.)

but besides that I am all ok with on high mp ... nice monk class you have...I wanted to ask if your resistance is not that high...dont you die? because my friend you has almost like mine and yes he has LS 5% . (he does die but not often ofcourse bec of LS)
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