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Rate the monk above you part 8!

@grave I would try getting some.more crit but decent set up. 7/10 not real sure hard for me to give skorn monks rating
Not much I can say... pretty close to ideal, I'd be splitting hairs with any suggestion, and I'm not even close to your realm. Nice work!

I was on your route with Blackthorne sets, but I replaced them with The witching hour and Natalya's set. Maybe you should consider these too.

I just want people to rate my monk LOL.
That's a good sustainable setup you have,
I like all your gear except your nats ring !!
And a rare piece of health pickup on your set pants lol

Quite substantial! I am not a high-level monk but I will try. Looks like the piece of equipment that could be improved is the rare ring. A Dex hellfire ring with one of the tri-fecta properties will produce comparable damage, and you get the experience bonus (if you care).

By the way, why do you need OWE? You don't seem to have a primary resist. Physical? Lightning?
Hi Would someone pls make some suggestions to what I can do for my monk next .

Since Modi didnt rate the guy above i'll rate DoonDoon and skip Modi.

6/10, i really like the flavor, how you're using a completely different skill setup. However your DPS is lower than it should be since you clearly dont have enough Crit chance and Crit damage.
Also since you're running a rather defensive build i'd expect you to have more than 24k HP. You should try to bring that up to at least 30k.
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Thanks for the review, I am just lazy to change my skills LOL... I completely forgot.. I will probably make some changes... I do have a cri chance and cri dmg hell fire ring...I was killling bosses and changed it out. I am stacking physical resistance, but i picked up my ammy from farming and it has lighting resistance. I didn't purchase it.

@SQ79 Yeah hard to get a Nats ring with Cri chance... I am working on it :D You like my pick up radius don't you :P it's very helpful for farming.
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8/10 Nice dual weild monk :)
Dont answer people in a new post, answer them in your original post so that you dont mess up the order. Yes, i realize i'm doing the opposite of what i've said but thats because i'm the next one in line to get rated :P

@lalalak I'm a pure LPSS monk, with 210 LPSS and FoT/Quickening you dont need any LS or LoH, you just spam burst heal away.
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8.5/10, I can't choose between a solid 8 or 9. Great DPS, I love the way your build is set up. I've been messing around with mine a bit but seeing yours just made me realize my monk still needs a lot of work.

Sorry to screw up the order LOL.... I am surprised you don't have any life steal or life on hit in your gears.

I also want a vile ward with 200+ vit :P

@realdx I did not stack lighting on purosely.... I just happened to farm up this ammy has lighiting resistance on it... it's a waste that i don't use the ammy :P
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@ lalatak

I noticed you are stacking lighting and physical while using OWE. Very high hp with more than 500K EHP, which is good. 6/10 overall.


Get a chest with sockets, drop some res for higher dps, both fist weapons are not too bad, just that you're lacking that OS for more damage. A vile ward should get your armor higher. 8/10
Edited by ReaLDX#6539 on 11/16/2012 2:13 PM PST
Nice unbuffed damage.
Time to work on survivability if you want to advance to higher MP.
Improve the HP and life sustain (life steal should be best for 2h build).

You're on the right track. Get socketed weapons while keeping the LS
Nice damage there!
Good AS, CC, CD. You're sustain is all set too.
Not much to upgrade now aside from 1k+ dps versions of your current weapons...
or a crit ias mempo? lol

Note to my rater: dont forget my life per kill and globe/potion bonus ;p
Edited by Escaflowne#1923 on 11/16/2012 2:13 PM PST

Thanks for the input :)

Weapons? I'm kinda gold strapped right now, gotta farm and get that sweet drop again.

I didn't really like the mempo on a monk's head, I had one with AS, CC which I sold away for a substantial amount before 1.05 to get me to where I am now.

You're right, weapons are on the top of my list. :)

I might as well rate you bro.

that health globe bonuses! wtf?! That's the reason for no LS and LOH

block chance is great as well, insane HP

I must give you credit for hitting nearly 100k dps with a shield. 9/10
Edited by ReaLDX#6539 on 11/16/2012 2:29 PM PST
you would say your monk has very nice health pool, but as a S&B monk, your only have 400is loh on your pants, can you tank at higher mp lvl? your life per kill and potion bonus wont help you much at mp 9-10...
@Madsprit : why the sledgefist ....that must take a heap off your top end DPS with that ...
I kill things faster with that fist. Because things stop moving. My full dps weap is a spear with 1.33 attk speed, 192% crit dmg with a big green and 168 dex. That will boost my dps to 138k but not as enjoyable as sledgefist  btw, why are the purple gems, you don’t need that much hp.
@Madspirt : Ahhh but i can facetank anything in game and i never ever die :) The purple gems bumps my EHP pool above 600k, each point of dex will get me 100odd damage, or each vit point gives me 2k EHP. cant dps when dead. :) cant tank when dead :)
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