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Rate the monk above you part 8!


Why are you using OWE when you have not stacked any particular resist?

Why are you telling me to use deadly reach with keen eye for more armor when you yourself are not using it, and have even less armor than me?

Why get an innas temp with AR when you are lacking in the hp department already? It cannot roll vit with AR. Your build has great AR with that mantra, but high AR means nothing without the hp pool to support it.

You should take your own advice.
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@ sharenis.

Awesome monk. great use of IK to boost that resist. Looks like you will be fine if they end up nerfing OWE to the group, something I wish I had done.

Only thing I would do on your monk is pick up some lacunis with crit chance to get you to that 25% cap, well you get to 24% but you get the general idea.
@ MorsCerta

I'm already at the MS cap with inna's temp and nat's boots.

For you:

I would get a socketed EF, and some +armor items. Also 2 socket pants. You have a good balance of IAS, CC, and CHD. Very nice AR although lacking a bit in armor and dex.
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@ Shareins
Is that really enough survivability?
Well, awesome farm gear if it is :)

Btw, EU:

Edit: And please think of this as my weapon as it does not seem to update my rather new weapon to the profile.
Skorn: 1442 dps with 332 dex 6-10k bleed(95%) 137% crit damage + socket. (got it for 1.6m) :)
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You have lots of life and resists, worried about your lack of LOH or leech. Also wondering if you will be able to generate enough spirit swinging a skorn. It hits like a Mack truck, but is soooooo slow. Should be fun watching the earth ally mow through mobs, though
@ Alchopwn, I have been running the skorn for about a hour now, (it nearly quadrupeled my dps) It gave me a huge increase in clear time, but I will keep to act one mp 0 for a while, at least until I feel safe with it. (Got down to 40% vs a kind of nasty pack + a side pack.

As for your gear. I do not really think I should rate it, as it seems to me that I really am in no position to judge the gear of someone else (Evrything is so awesome) I just recently started playing again after a long brake.

Well, your build/gear setup to me seems like a insane for farming, but as with the other guy you seem kind of squishy. Then again you have good life steal, so I wonder... do you die?
@ sharenis
Dont bother with my build, im just testing everything possible at the moment
I suggested u to take Inna temp with AR instead if Vit coz ur hp is already high for a monk.
Anyway, its worth to consider to trade 70AR for 159vit
good luck
@kotex by the look of your build you need to get a surcoat and witching hour 2 rez each good build tho.
I wonder what is wrong with my chest armor

well a surcoat can roll 250+ vit along with dex as high as yours.
^love the gear and balance! Not sure what I can add with my limited knowledge :)
Rhue, good start on your build. I would try and up your resistances if you can.

I understand you're going for a MF setup, but striving for too much of it can seriously harm your stats. Your Dex is far too low, your resistances are below 600, your CC makes the Radiant Star Emerald in your weapon look like a total waste and what's with the LS on your weapon, if you have virtually no other sources of life leech and your DPS is abysmally small...

You have some good pieces there, like your weapon and the Inna pants, but you'll have to change pretty much everything else, at some point or another.

Edit: Um, Spear-chucker, for some inexplicable reason the forum censorship seems to have some objections to your choice of name.
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Laurel, the above as you rightly surmise is my farming gear. I farm Vault of the Ancients which I can run through in about 10 minutes with this set up.

It's ironic, in that the advice I normally give people is to up their resistances and sustain in general. You have pretty much got this covered, but I would recommend transitioning some of your LoH to LS as you get to higher dps.

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Puts myself out here for rating please. Lots of great looking monks!
Sorry. Profile hasn't updated yet. Have innas spirit stone and belt
Inquisitive you have great Monk
I need some help
Can somebody tell me what should I change in my monk ??
I need adwise
Thanks for any sugestions!!

Stop concentrating on crit dam, get that stat from weapons and maybe ammy later on.
You need crit chance to get a crit. Also concentrate on more att spd. So rings with cc and ias and bracers with cc are your first concern. Gloves with ias + cc next. Also may consider going for a few pieces with dual resists on them. Go get them and then come back. Good luck.
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what is this?

Pretty good gear so far. I would probably go for an extra piece of Inna's for the Dex bonus. Maybe swap out Andy's Visage for Inna's Radiance.

I just started getting comfortable with my monk on MP2, any help with what I should focus on upgrading next would be appreciated.
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