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Rate the monk above you part 8!


need to get that dps up in a bad way. i would start with weapons with sockets and maybe look at inna's pants for your next upgrade. yeah you'll take a hit on health but it'll be worth it and you should be fine with 30k+ health.
I would get another shoulder, i think some vit will do more than the 5% life.
And the weapons could be better.
The rest of the gear is really nice.
Id say switch to mantra of conviction, you're already at 50k+ life and have decent resistance. Also perhaps switch out the Echoing Fury for one with a socket or a different weapon where you can stack more crit damage. Nice build tho, not a lot to gripe about
Nice build and gear. Not a lot I'd recommend aside from maybe some attack speed. You pretty much covered everything.
^great balance of dps with vit, nice to see more balanced monks.
@Rhue, great items! I would like to know, is the 2.9% LS from the Won good enough to survive in mp10? 9/10
nice monk all around, only suggestion is to find a mempo with crit chance. but they are insanely expensive. tho. overall over work. bud. 9/10
the time of skorn is gone and yours does not have LS. suggest to swap to a skorn with ls or dual wield. 6/10
Very Heroic sir. I would put your poster up in my bedroom.
Good luck finding better gear. Maybe some glove w/ higher dex and some vit.
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@Analbumcover You should try to get LS on one of your weapons. Better green gems on weapons. You might want to try to get more CC/CD instead of IAS on your rings/gloves because you have two fist weapons already and those alone are pretty fast. 7/10
@Shocky, I think it's about time to start getting those pain in the !@# legendaries. To start moving you up to the next tier. ATM saving for the CHC nat ring for myself.

I would say you have a pretty nice monk. Your resists look good at 700+. HP is good as well. You could always work on your armor, but I think that goes for just about all of us. Personally, Im not a fan of your amulet, as I like to keep more offensive stats there instead of LoH and such, but if it works for you keep on rocking. I love IAS anywhere I can get it, so maybe that would be one place you could look for it, as well as on your gloves. I think a good pair of gloves needs two out of the three CC/CD/IAS. And I feel like you could even sacrifice a little resist for added CD and/or IAS, which would equate to more dps. Overall though well done. 7.5-8/10

Solid build. Interesting choice going for the BT set. You could use a bit of work getting some Crit Dmg in there and maybe work up your armor a bit, seems a bit low @2600 dex.

Overall, looking good, keeping working at it!

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@ Pein you sir......have one sexy monk, 9/10
a lot more work to be done, ignore durability loss is waste of one attribute slot.

7/10. useless amulet. get better boots, more CHD, better belt. but you have great potential, nevertheless ^^

p.s. I got Inna's pants, but it didn't update yet ^^
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nice EF, will have to get one similar (LS) soon.

I would suggest getting 2nd inna piece for the bonus. Also i would suggest getting rings, ammys with average damage CC, CD, IAS, any combination of the 2 or 3 will give a really good boost. kinda cheap atm.


its only a matter of time. a bit of a long way to go tho
@ambe u need LS on ur main hand i think and ur vita is too low dont know how u run higher mp ubers but overall not bad 7/10
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