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Rate the monk above you part 8!

@ ambe

nice monks don't really understand having 2 but whatever floats your boat I suppose some day ill have 170k dps too lol I'm thinking shenlongs isn't the way to go I just like looking Like a boxer lol I give u 8/10
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The only thing I can really comment on is to say change your arcane resist all to all resist so you can swap out OWE for something else, or be ready for the impending change to the passive. I'd say a bit more crit chance on your rings, but you seem to have things worked out considering you have 120k dps lol.

8/10 I guess lol, arbitrary number generator came up with that =)

I say now it time to equip set bonus for extra Dps. Maybe I'm wrong yet i could suggest start with Vile Ward which give u Decent amount of Armour and double resist as well. I see you're Cold resist monk which in my mind Ice climber will suit your build at best. There still huge room for upgrade yet dps in not everything. Get Echoring fury With socket and some Socket offhand as well. Or maybe im wrong again. I say it must be hilarious to see mob running away because of Echoring Fury and you drag em back by sickle. If you like fun stuff try these. Won Kin Lau fist + Sever. The tornado happen to crit million damage and heal your Hp pool in sec. Yet i say it fun build. Another build which is fun for me is Enchoring Fury + Sledge or only Sledge Fist with shield. Instead of TC build use Way Of Hundred Fist. It perma stun on single target. But still you need Dps to take em down.

Anyway good set you have there with decent hp and Resist.

And for rating i say 7/10
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@marc Great monk. My only thoughts overall is more crit damage. Since you are sword and board, maybe get a wep w/ crit dmg + gem.
@loki Very cool monk
finally updated my current gear. nolle I can't view your profile to comment.
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Decent build. U could use more cd to maximize dmg output. 7/10

the time of skorn is gone and yours does not have LS. suggest to swap to a skorn with ls or dual wield. 6/10

oops I use that cheap scorn for leveling... check out my Echoing Fury
Decent set up, i would say say your skorn slows you down a bit, but seeing how you said you use it for lvling then whatever suits you. 6/10

Geeze bro what weak gear you have :/ i mean really only 300k+ dps, dont start making the barbs cry OP monks haha, good work man 9/10 cause i have something against perfect scores when im all jelly!

you could have more DEX in your chest, and maybe your shoulders a little more ColdR. Otherwise you're beast :)

AH is down ack


LS skorn and gem upgrades.
Admire your stats. consider to change another shoe though, u must have a hard time running around

2 nats coming, next upgrade. still looking for the right one. thanks for the rate!
Very nice character! 9 / 10 Can't say anything, except for movement speed as KOTEX mentioned.

any advice for me? considering that i'm a tank monk
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definitely 9+cc in your ammy and i dont see a lot of cdmg in your build. And since you have loh, aspd in your rings and gloves will up your sustain

The only place I see a need is getting some HP on the shoulders. You may lose some of the dex overall but well built.

Pretty good monk overall. I really like your rings. I think you could try to add a little more vit to your boots if youre going to go the non-MS route with them. I like where your resists are at, ~650 or so? I think your mainhand is decent, but I definitely think you could do better...maybe a nice fist of az or echoing fury, or nicely rolled rare? One thing I think you have to work on is your armor. Unless its some type of type (which is very possible with the way the site doesnt update) your armor is around 3500, which is super low. Mine is low as well. Im aiming for 5k or more armor.
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