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I have 70m... Wat is the best manti I can get

Hey guys, thank you so much for your advice!! Well I guess I will be able to get a decent one once I got home in 2 days time...
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i paid only 9 million for mine so 70 million should net you a sick manticore
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I got the one in my profile for just under 30 mil a few days ago , had 1 minute left so chucked a bid on it.
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I need a 1060 dual sock manti to outdps my single sock and without lucky snipes that would be around 50m? Not worth it in my opinion -.-
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got mine as a drop
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Go one hander and buy a calamity
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I got my in my profile for 45mil few days ago.
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I have a 2 OS manticore for sale

1056 dps
194 dex
114 vit
68% crit damg

2 open socket

30 million if you are interested.
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Tbh You can get a cheap 1 socket manti with high dps + high dex and pay half the price of an equivalent DPS 2 Socket..

E.g. I was buying a 1.1k Dps, 2OS ~2xx dex Manti for about 150. Apparantly i lost bid and some one else bought it....

But 5 mins later i found a 1.3k dps, 1OS 1xx dex Manti selling at 100m at buyout.
I think i may have overpaid abit but this Manti grants me equivalent dps to the 2 OS manti.

+ i have 50m to spare. (Other things i can upgrade)
Also for 2 socket manti u need to consider buying an extra 100% CHD Gem. (20m atm)
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got this one for 3m lol.

Before I was using a 1230.8 dps Manti with 1 os 195 dex and 92 cd

Hardly a dps boost so I am planning on selling it back.
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my one is 25m from AH. I still think it's better for short term if you just buy the 1300++ 1 socket with dex
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Tot to update:

I have bought a new manticore.. Not reflected in profile yet but below are the rough stats

1050 dps
175 Dex
111 Vit
50 intel
10 IAS
83 CC

2 Soc

At 35m...

Fair price?
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You can get a good 1 soc Manti pretty cheap. Make sure it's at least 1300 +dps. w/dex. With my build I have a lot of room to grow. Hope you have a great time playing the game. Cheers.
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Grats on your new Manticore. I think 35M sounds like a very fair price. Really sweet that you got a nice chunk of vitality on it too, that always helps.
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Sold my 1100 2sck 94% CD manti a few weeks back for like 30m ... went calamity.

Lost close to 60k DPS at the time but have no regrets at all.

moved to faster APS and higher CC and I can perma-gloom and virtually tank even with low resists even with ubers into MP7

Mantis are nice.. don't get me wrong. higher base damage.... dual sockets are appealing for that extra CD etc... but if you wanna have more perma-gloom without legacy nat set .... I'd honestly consider looking more at the calamities. They have hatred regen and I got mine with CD and OS to help not lose too much DPS. Running Nightstalker and usually over 60% cc keeps my disc filling up close to 2-3 disc/sec when in battle. Rare I have to even use prep but it does happen from time to time if I do have to vault away and re-establish position.

Anyway .. not trying to talk anyone out of a piece of gear they are interested in ... but just letting you know ... MANTI isn't the only road one has to travel down. :)
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got mine for 70mil

gave me 11k dps up from my previous one with 1050dmg/190dex/80crit/2socket

best thing to do, search auction house, link the bow that you will like to buy on chat screen, go into the game with your demon hunter and click on the item link on chat screen.
this will show you gain or loss stat.
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It's hard to say really because besides 1200+ DPS dual socket + dex manticores, everything else is dropping in price really fast. My best suggestion to you is to get a DPS calculator and punch in different kinds of manticores on the AH and see which one gets the most bang for your buck. Do not be duped by dual socket bows without dexterity when you can get a higher DPS one socket + dex roll one for much cheaper.

I use this dps calculator and it has saved me from overspending a few times (namely my most recent purchases, my Manticore and my amulet):

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