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A better belt with life? Your EHP seems low for running for Shocking aspects

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need help with my gears upgrade, should i go for more AR,Vit or dps next ,Thanksalot
I'd go for a helm (similar to mine).

Anything I can upgrade for under 30-40M?
@bothem maybe a Chants with a socket, your going to have to try and snipe one for a good price
Sy to post randomly on here but im trying to improve my guy and im not sure what I should do first. Currently i am pretty sure im gonna change the bracers to strongarm bracers and maybe the pants and gloves. The weapon and helm have got me though and im really not sure what to do, I'm not sure if I should go back to a wand (looking at sloraks madness) and triumvirate. And the helm to change to something else maybe Tal Rasha's guide/storm crow/mempo of twighlight??? (not sure what 1 to go for)

Any suggestions to improve my guy would be fantastic and I apologise again for posting here and feel free to tell me that the possible changes are retarded.


p.s. I only havearound 6mill to spend but will re invest what i can get for my current gear, ty again

Bothem - from what i can c you have alot of critical chance but ok critical damage you want a kinda 10:1 ratio between these you currently have 42 cc and 270 cd (including the base) what gives you a ratio of 8.8, the general weakness in your items also i believe is your wand. You can easily get a wand with more damage and/or vitality but must have a socket. so you should try and combine these by buying a better wand with a socket so you can increase your critical damage and this should increase your damage by alot. Hope this helps its what i think you r lacking as the rest of your stuff i think is good.
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Im going to pull a SolidSnake and post in front of him without telling the person above what upgrade they should get next. I need an upgrade with a 200-300 mil budget. CM WIZ
Im going to pull a SolidSnake/cptsquirts and post in front of them without telling the person above what upgrade they should get next. I need an upgrade with a 200-300 mil budget. archon WIZ
well played...
Well Chang I would upgrade the Hellfire ring with a trifecta Hellfire ring, should cost around 200 mil.
i would like help dk where to go
that dont cost 400 million gold
Stuck between Zuni's chest and boots, or good Lacuni's next. What do you think?
Can only afford moderately good Zuni's chest and boots combo right now. Any other suggestions welcome. Thanks.

Ekjorg14: Witching Hour should be your next move
@sksteve86 I'm well below your gear level atm and currently asking for advice, but I'd say go for a tri amulet and good lacunis with CC.
@Ekjorg14: yes indeed to the witching hour. Try switching your torso to a Relentless Pursuit. Get that attack speed up up up

Wow. Can't see much I'd improve. Maybe a new set of gloves with higher % crit damage.

Which ring?

do me please

@Kagato Interesting gear choices. I'm kind of admiring. Perhaps the pants could be replaced?
@cauhauna..I'd say at this point, get more crit, more armor, look into getting a Nats ring with crit..but really decent gear!

get some Zuni boots
the +poison damage helps a lot
keep similar stats on them
Smartdrive - Lacuni prowlers I guess and a weapon with life steal

Your helm most likely - some additional armor overall as well wherever you can get it for Archon.
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