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@reflection instead of loh on your ring maybe look for different stats?
going lifesteal on your weapon with high dps should more than cover losing 200 loh

apparently my profile isnt working so heres a link
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@reflection instead of loh on your ring maybe look for different stats?
going lifesteal on your weapon with high dps should more than cover losing 200 loh

apparently my profile isnt working so heres a link

First, to change posting profile (if you want):

Upgrade... Prowlers with crit. Or maybe an ammy with crit instead of ias. Prowlers add an extra 12 ms which is pretty important for kiting. They also give more ias, which, while not great for your skills, is still nice to have, especially if you ever switch builds. Ammy because crit synergizes much better with your skills and boosts the effectiveness of your +crit damage.

Also, consider arcane dynamo over galv ward - it boosts the damage of your hydra by 75%.
^^^ Grab a quicker weapon man. I have a few that you may be interested in that I don't use any longer (since parting ways w/ my archon build)
Belmont- you already have pick-up radius on pants, do you really value it so much to get it on bracers as well? if not, i wouldnt waste your cash on lacunis since I doubt it is much of a dps increase for the 89m cash, and since you are archon spec you dont really need the crit much, just overall dps.

As for me, I only have a 2m budget as I quit the game 4 months ago after selling all my items. I only left myself 3m cash, which I used to buy what I have now, and I've managed to earn 2m and change today. Lookin to bump up my dps mainly, though a bit more vit would be nice. suggestions?

the pickup radius on pants is actually a road block for me. I can get a 180 int 150 vit depth digger with 2 sockets, but it would mean i have 0 pickup radius after the upgrade. Which is why I am inclined to quickly put some radius on other slot so i can upgrade those pants next.
why items would you recommend to give me a large bonus on dps. Most upgrade i've looked at besides weapons give me about 6k boost to dps.

and weapon is not one of those items where i want to upgrade marginally every 2 weeks.
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Hi, i'm looking for trifecta ring.

Probably the last piece to reach me 200k DPS buffed.

Very simple, i need these stats:

IAS 9%
CC 6%
CD 30%-40%
Average damage +33-60

bonus stats:

or u can let me know which upgrade for me to reach 200k unbuffed.
i'm currently sitting @ 186k unbuffed
Hey guys im curious as to what I can do to raise my DPS more. Also any suggestions im am freely open to, the more opinions the better! =] Thx.
@ Emp.... your crit chance is awfully low.... Try upgrading hte amulet and the lacuni for sure... Ammy needs to be 8+ these days and they aren't very expensive....
@ Jangster

Pretty well geared, looks like my gear a couple weeks ago. Keep it up bro, looking good.
missing an amulet?
Just putting my archon amulet in the Auction house ;P
Get better gems and get more Crit Chance
easiest upgrade for you looks to be a better chants source.
@ Chromis

I am not too experienced, but it looks like you have the funds and are still after XP, so maybe get a leoric ring?

It says you have no hero on your account. First upgrade -------> create a hero on your account.

Tal rasha's ammy might be the cheapest upgrade. Either that or inna's temperance.
@ KeyserSoze

Wouldn't a Triumvirate be a DPS boost since you're using a black weapon?

Also, Im not a fan of Innas unless you absolutely need it to hit your attack speed breakpoint, which I dont.
there should be a hero now, can you guys see it?
11/25/2012 10:53 AMPosted by Atoxix
there should be a hero now, can you guys see it?

You need a Wand with APoC, it's necessary for your build. Also Gloves and a new Ring with IAs and CC can improve you a lot :)
Trifecta gloves for you. Find ones with all res and low roll int shouldn't be too bad.
@ derp

I would probably look for a new ammy something with cd, cc, resists, int. I don't really play archon but that would increase you dps
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