Diablo® III

Master Chief vs. Your Character

lol my wizard fires spartan lazers out of her fingertips, let's see chief beat that.
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Well the diablo 3 character would probably get nerfed and need to repurchase new gear on the AH while the Spartan is screaming racial obscenities in a 12 year olds voice. So the fight would last roughly 11 seconds. 1 seconds for the spartan to aim and fire (my all resist armor does nothing as usual), followed by a solid 10 seconds of the spartan crouching and standing up over the body.

But the fight wouldn't happen anyway because PVP is still not out.

Rofl. This times infinity.

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Master chief a so called super solder?I would take Jake Dunn(Nomad from Crysis)over that pansy any day.Super speed,super strength,cloak.Use cloak to sneak up on Master Chief,super strength and grab him by the throat and throw him around like a rag doll.The only draw back would be hearing the 12 year old boy playing as Master Chief throwing a tantrum on mic.
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Haven't played 4 yet, but I expect that I'd get melee'd from behind while trying to whirlwind.
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If he has the M6D I last about 1.5 seconds unless he misses the headshot, in which case I last about 2.0-2.5 seconds.
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If Dodge would actually work as intended (or as common sense tells you it should) i would last 2x as long as some others with my near 50% dodge rate right.. but i would probably just end up killing me self im sure he would have reflect damage or some other way of killing me
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Batman would kill Master Chief before he even saw him.
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