Diablo® III

Rate the DH above you V2


Nice DH, not the highest DPS I've ever seen, but solid mix of stats. Good HP with a nice amount of all resists. I myself like survivablility over glass cannon :)


Very nice DH

Upgrade your gems and a calamity with a OS

@ snail - Nice DH. Good balance of dps, resist and life!

8 / 10
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@Lance doing well. If your'e willing to swap hat gems when you're 'xping' vs 'farming / ubers' I'd say swap the 2 amethyst in your chest for emeralds, and go with one of the amethyst in your hat for the +18% life when you're not farming for xp.

Nice Build.I would try to get either a new Nat set..Lv63..and higher armor pieces for glove and bracer.. even do with stats like those would not be cheap to find.


Nice all round gear, but I think I would get a cheap Witching Hour with 8ias 40% CD or so. I don't think you'll miss the resist/dex/ar that much, considering you're pretty high as-is.

Nice gear all around, DPS is up at a nice area as well. All I could think of is adding a little more AR if possible, but then again it depends on playstyle, and you may avoid a lot of damage by staying away. As well, work towards up-scaling gems whenever possible. Extra dmg + dodge is a great asset for us DH!

I like your balanced gear throwing in MF in there as well. Keeping to what you trying to go for, I would look at maybe getting another a new ammy with some MF and Crit chance, would be a good boost in DPS and up to 45% extra MF! Great balance though. 7/10

Love your gear bro, i would get CC on that mempo and your bow needs Dex :)


you need HP and bad. with under 20k you must be dying a lot. you picked up a lot of good items with no Vita which is hurting you know start upgrading them to ones with Vita. also upgrade your gems.
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@ Xeph13

I think you need more IAS.
9/10 looks pretty great buy vit is pretty low
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@Bitt: You have some work to go. i would start by dropping sharpshooter as a passive then working on improving dps from there. But do not forget the need for hp, armor and all resist! Keep at it and you are on your way to a sick demon hunter
@ Kerek

It would be nice if you could get a Nat's cloak with all resist on it and on the Inna's pants. But all in all you look pretty good.
Rate me please
@ BujaX

Hard to rate a MF set, but I would say boots need ms, ammy needs cc/cd, helm needs crit chance, left ring needs cc, right ring should have Average Damage or Dex, chest can have some base dex or vit, and pants should be upgraded to the new BT.

xxxkan, id go for some lacuni, lookin good though
@burton u might want to look into more cc and not use ss but i like the amount of hp u have
@Light superjealous of that Manticore and your awesomely rolled hellfire ring. Grats!
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