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@ beast

This is a second char so I know I am lower on resists, stats and need more cc, but please explain how I an SO WRONG. I mean I know i need improvement but I can bliztkrieg mp3-4. which is not godly but not weak by any means so please explain. all of my gear is pretty good or solid so if you could shed some light one what you think please do.
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nice gear thing I would say is ur off hand ring could use avrg dmg and ur hlem could use cc


for me i ahve 170k dps no ss idk y profile hasnt updated with 40k life

and that ami is wrong i ahve a dmg dex cc one
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You might swap your lacuni for a strongarm since you have natty boot and inna's pants for 24% mv already and the cc usually sims better than atkspeed that I have seen.

Also your DML could be upgraded a lot and they are very cheap right now.

I know I need Natty boots to be able to play with some other slots myself and not lose the Nat bonus but decent ones are still $$$ and I can't find a glove I like enough to give up my hps and allres for are my glaring problems, kinda the same story with my fatty defensive amulet.

Try getting innas belt for the innas set bonus

really nice gear bro, solid build with some boss dps 9/10
grab another piece of natalya's for the dex boost but apart from that its great good job

You need a lot of help! lol First up your Gloves asap! Then work on getting Atk speed, CC, CHD. You have a few good pieces already and some really bad. Just average that out and you'll be fine. Unique skill set up though, hard to judge that.

I think you can improve ring 1

Good resist . Need to complete ur inna set for bonus dex and maybe lacuni for more movement speed and att speed.

gloves needs some love(or is it really meant for MF?), high dex dml and upgrade gems, overall decent dh. Nice nats ref btw.
@The pwet
That's not my original gloves.No idea why it show up there lol.

I want your mempo and amulet! LOL Nice DH man! Not easy to have 200k+ with windforce
No idea, but I am curious what people think I should buy first after coming back to the game. Seeing a few suggestion trends in this thread already, but still curious.

Excellent DH. Good job on not neglecting your survivability with your balance of resists, armor, and HP, while not sacrificing dps. I can only suggest a few upgrades.. And they'll all be pretty expensive. Primary stat + replace your single resist with all resist on your amulet, as well as getting rid of that MF on your vile with a dexvit roll along with the high life % roll.

Other than that, I like it.

insane tank! that is awesome.. can you even die? next time i need a faceroll tank for mp10 i'm hollering at you! haha 10/10 for tank

Nice, you and I are about the same damage, but you have way more life and AR. I like to be balanced with surv/dps so I will be looking at your build for pointers.
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@amazon nice gear. especially dat hellfire ring. im not a fan of vengeance though.

Nice damage. It looks like you need all resists if you want to do anything more than mp1 runs without dying a lot. Still, nice job though.
I think you could gain dps by replacing the manticore.

I also am not sure why you do not get a Nat's helm for the extra Disc.
9/10 overall.
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ahhh demon hunters band together! Lol ive been playing with the idea of a mp10 all DH farm team with different builds to see if it would work.
Wrong thread and you fail. 1/10 rating for skipping people without giving feedback.
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