Diablo® III

Rate the DH above you V2

@lifeblood, get a open socket wf
@Vantage - Nice WF Tank you have there, like your AR but not so sure about the places you have stacked it. You have wasted rolls on some items like Inna's belt, 27Vit is like 770HP, worthless. Get some AR on there instead then you can afford to lose some in another slot for a better offensive item. No IAS on anything but helm and glove too, could really do with some more to make that WF much more effective. Good base though, lots of potential.

Note: Whoever rates me, I upgraded my Lit in the profile with a much better AR/IAS/CC ring bringing my dps to 207k without follower buff. Profile hasn't updated still.

your boss need i say more?

Overall everything looks good, I would maybe look at some better bracers, maybe throw some vit in there. You can get Strogmans pretty cheap and they have VIT and %life. Over nice balance just need to working in a little more eHP.
your crit chance is crazy.... nice rare bow also. Looks like your specced for slower but heavy dmg hits. What can you crit for? great stats( something I lack ) and resists too. 9/10
ahhh lifeblood i love you

decent gear, i'd work on some more allres and DPS.

I like, but I think you need allres aswell. Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems armor and vit far outweigh your res. If so, then it just takes longer to regain 100% hp.

Average all resist, armor, and a bit low on your total HP. Your dps is decent for a dual wield set up, but a good place to increase it is by getting at least crit damage on your rings as well as crit chance.

You're headed in the right direction, just need to put a bit more work into it.
@cmdm.. thats odd since i have more all res then you lol. sitting at around 350
@The pwet
That's not my original gloves.No idea why it show up there lol.

Lol coz yeah, gloves really looks like out of place. Thought you're really using it for real.
@ANigerian not bad gear, your gems could use abit of work though and i can't say that i'm thrilled with your bracers/shoulders =p.

But other then that your gear is fairly decent.

I like the fact you go for MF. Am a big fan of MF myself. Still, I wouldn't trade the ruby in my helm for any amount of MF, bonus exp is too important to me.

Your gear is decent, but I would work towards a better Lacuni, Andy and Manticore.

Gotta say tho, ur MF pants is darn beautiful. I never was able to get my hands on one similar to yours. How much did it cost ya?
@Fieryeel wow dont know what to say about your gear except nice work! I hope to have similar someday.
dont know how else to up my dps without sacrificing much HP/resists
@WhiteJadeite you can try upgrading your ring to include Dex and amulet to include Vit. One of the good things about having a slotted chest and pants is that we have 5 slots of 50ish stats to play with. Items like amulet can run to very high Vit with both CC and CD and still be cheaper than the dex version. Play around with different combinations of Gem slots+accessories to get better overall stats.
^was always a fan of dual wield DHs :)
@justice. Upgrade your Gems.
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