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Rate the DH above you V2

try upgrading your gems. and if you can, buy a socketed helm. a ruby or a topaz really helps. your dps needs a little work but overall, nice gear.
Well your dmg is really nice and you got nice hellfire ring dont really know how you can get any better maybe upgrade gems? :D or change to dual wield like all pros ;P
@ Yoona

Looks like you didn't stack much of IAS, but it's a really important stat not just for DPS, but resource/life regeneration.

Amazing survivability build, solid all-around... 8/10.
@ Apotheosis

Awesome damage 11/10
@ Chaox,

6/10, good damage, but not much all resist. I can't imagine you have much survivability.
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What to upgrade first for me?


I'm relatively new at the game so not really sure what to give people advice on..
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@thefinisher decent gear, i'd switch those bracers to a dex all res high vit 6 CC rares/ or preferably if you can afford a decent lacunis to get 24% move speed.
@Nyg8 What can I say I'm pretty jealous. Nice everything but AR could be a bit higher, but I'm guessing most things melt in front of you.
any tips for my gear?
more resists, sockets for chest

start saving for nats set and all the other common legendaries.
then work on upgrading your gems

otherwise, it's a really good set without nats... i like it for a change.... your all res and hp are really good!

I like the fact you go for MF. Am a big fan of MF myself. Still, I wouldn't trade the ruby in my helm for any amount of MF, bonus exp is too important to me.

Your gear is decent, but I would work towards a better Lacuni, Andy and Manticore.

Gotta say tho, ur MF pants is darn beautiful. I never was able to get my hands on one similar to yours. How much did it cost ya?

58m lol, not sure if i overpaid but i almost never see any pants in the AH like them so i splurged abit =p.
@Wenz I would get an innas belt or natas ring for your 2 and 3 set 130 dex bonuses
@Pakaso prolly u need to upgrade ur gems to bigger ones and more dps to witching hr belt
derpa derpa...

@Alucardrx .. get helm w crit chance to start ... 6.5/10
mempho and nat ring will be my next biggies for sure as well..

.. any upgrades at this point, are effing ridiculous.
yeeah about thaat, see thats not what im going for atm... i prefer a slow xbow with crazy dmg (the white number under the dps on the bow) .. bc most skills, are weapon dmg based, NOT weapon dps based. so. i choose to go this route, and speed it up and get CD in other ways, but thanks for the advice =)
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