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Rate the DH above you V2

@BucketSmoke wow your demon hunter is awesome. I honestly can't think of any upgrades for you. Maybe some life on hit or life steal for dealing with reflect damage.
that's what gloom is for my man ;)
Yeah you're right about that. Any suggestions for me?
@thatguywil: You need more crit chance instead of relying on sharpshooter. Get rid of sharpshooter for archery (10%), and swap your gloves (at least 8.5%), ammy (at least 5.5%), and rare ring (at least 4%) for ones with both crit chance and crit damage. Those are all very cheap upgrades that will take your crit chance above 50%.

Can anyone can give me tips to get to 200k dps from current 180k (with steady aim)?

I'm having trouble finding an upgrade that won't cost me at least 40-50m (which I dont' have!)
@CC85 .. nat ring, and or newer memph for one with crit..

Prob save up for a good mempo if you can afford it
@Blackyoshi, Very decent DH good damage, probably slightly on the squishy side. but still ok Keey it up 7/10!

pretty solid dh, if you get a better manticore with two sockets, it would probably boost your dps to 200k... which is cool.
pretty soild yoona!! :PP i would say 8/10
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11/18/2012 11:41 PMPosted by Eldwin
pretty soild yoona!! :PP i would say 8/10

7/10, very good tank DH!

No clue why you use Sharpshooter though...
@normy - upgrade your gems
^Got nothing to say. Nice DH! 9/10
@Daymare Balanced DH, I think that you should upgrade your gems. Other upgrades are going to cost you a lot of gold.

PD: I wan't your DML :( xD.
@shndany: You may want to consider getting rid of the legacy nats gear set in favor of some better dps gear. It is real easy to gimp your character with that set and real hard to get insanely good survivability and dps from it. It you have fun with it, the forget that piece of advice :P. Also you may want to look at a better Manticore in the near future. Would put you at 6.5/10 only because of the way the current DH meta is.

EDIT: My profile isn't current. But you can rate that
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I'm very poor, everything I have except manticore is self found :)) Spend most of my cash upgrading gems lol.

Mostly run MP2 solo doing azmo & key runs switching on last hit to my MF gear. Phasebeasts with molten/arcane is what usually kills me at near the Core waypoint.

Rain of vengence is fun while I kite around using captrops/gloom the pack.

any tips appreciated!


Forgot to rate above.. well that gear is amazing compared to me, such high CC and damage. Only thing missing is trifector gloves, but you already have 55% so....10/10!
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@ninjax - Not too shabby. Lots of room for improvement though. Get a better ring(s), perhaps if you can afford it, with crit chance, dex, crit damage and LoH...there are relatively cheap (even legendary ones) available. Also consider getting a better chest armour, with 3 slots 100+ dex and fit and 60+ AR. Same deal for pants.

EDIT: for rating, clarity and double post.
EDIT2: Add me in game (with a message). I have some old gear you can have for free that will be an improvement over what you have
EDIT3: if you want to get some more money, pickup all blues and yellows and vendor them... you'll slowly make cash or hopefully get lucky and get a drop you can sell (even if its just for a few hundred k or even a few mil). Every little bit helps.
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Thanks for all the tips! I'll be in touch

I have some rings I swap out but nothing great. Only just got my first hellfire so been trying it out :)

It's always a juggling game, lots more damage but lose out on life.. little more life and damage but miss out on resists want all 3 and pay through the teeth! That's what makes it fun I suppose :)


EDIT: uhh next person please rate Raven as I've already done someone above :D
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