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Rate the DH above you V2


I would love to have your gear! 9/10
maybe a better DML.. and obviously a 2socket manticore but thats alot of gold O.o

thanks for the review:)
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Hard to argue with DML+socket Mant. And I love nether tentacles on xbow :D 7/10

Obviously gems will bring up that dps, but strongarms could be awesome for you since it's not too pricey to pick up an AR one. Also a lil room to improve on your belt and shoulders.

I would definitely bring up your HP and AR to start. From there its gems and blah blah blah Im sure you know the drill lol.

@KrzyMoogle, your DH is looking tight, awesome CC and CD. Maybe try and get some resist?
@Slater - Lots of nice pieces and you are going in the right direction. I think your next two upgrades would be Nat's boots, or a new manticore. You could probably pick up a 1200+ DPS manticore, 75%+ crit damage, (w/o dex) for ~ 5 mill and I'd assume that'd boost your DPS quite a bit.

Not bad. But I think you need to upgrade your helm.
Also, your manticore is a bit on the weak side. There are plenty of rares out there with better stats. Like the one I'm using. No need to jump on the Manticore bandwagon.

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@ Murasane

Pretty lacking in a lot of areas keep at and remember the trifecta is your friend

skipped...... sadness.....


Nice setup man loving the high ias... congrats on a hellfire that isnt absolute garbage as well lol 9/10
Awww, wrote up this entire thing on the last thread only to hit go and find it's limit-locked.
:( Hopefully the DH in question finds this reply.

@ Bakayaro
That's a damned interesting build. Both gear and skills. First, very happy to see another DH running Rapid-Fire. We're a rare breed!! :) Also, nice to see a DH actually using the skill on their Deadman's. Don't see alot of folks using that skill either.
Like the "tankier" build. I'm a big fan of staying alive vs doing damage. I mean, what good is all the dps if you get obliterated by every random white mob out there, right?

I'm going to suggest you start working toward Crit Chance. That's great damage on the WF, but you would be amazed what one with even 100-150 less damage, but a socket with Rad Emerald would do. Your rings and ammy would also benefit GREATLY from a bit of CC.

DH's are all about those YELLOW numbers. And CC gives you more of them. :)

Good stuff. I like seeing a build that isn't just Nat's, Gloom and Prep for a change. Shows you think outside the box and earn every kill you get!

Manticores with just 1 slot tend to be more cost effective (except on very high end, of course). I was going to say that CC + CD tend to work better for starting manticore builds, but you aren't using the cookie-cutter inna's, natalya's ring, and so on... So I guess your choices are ok. I would suggest getting one more source of movement speed, tho.

EDIT: I have a new quiver that isn't appearing on the profile... it has bola shot damage +13%, capped crit and ias, about 287 dex and less than 200 vit.
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Nice calamity. I want one. Looks like your standard setup, innas, nats, andys. Good job getting some extra res in there as well. 8/10
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200+dex vileward and additional disc will be pretty handy.

Edit: You might also want to increase your ms.
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Good looking DH. The only immediate upgrade I can see is better gloves. Yours have high dex and vit but low crit damage..
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Good looking DH. The only immediate upgrade I can see is better gloves. Yours have high dex and vit but low crit damage..

i would upgrade your gems. they will always follow you when you upgrade gears.

Good looking DH. The only immediate upgrade I can see is better gloves. Yours have high dex and vit but low crit damage..

I would rather choose 169 vit than an additional 10cd with my set up right now. You will know its importance mp9+
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one of the 1337 on the board, props... 10/10.. most DHs around here just hover in your shadow
Damn dude... are you capable of bieng killed?? Now THAT is a DH tank build!
Dig it.
All around great DH. Only thing you're missing is more Disc, but I doubt you really need it anyways.

I'm surprised your not using Nat set too. But you have great stats.
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Newp, I don't use much disc. :)
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