Diablo® III

Rate the DH above you V2

@gtrevin4 pretty nice gear, i'd get some more all resistance.

Pants can have some Vit or AR on it.
@xxkan nice build you have going there. The only thing I would look at is more dex on the rings and maybe working a second piece of inna's for the dex bonus.
@vance as you gain more paragon you could probably lose some MF for more important stats i.e vit or AR.

You can drop a little of your vit in exchange of dps. Full gem upgrade will also help.
Haven't played my DH for months, geared it with 2mil (not inc gems and cross-class items). How'd I do?

Looking to play it more frequently so will probably invest a few mil here and there on pieces I can snipe on AH over the next week or so, perhaps aim for 125k dps and good survivability.
@ jester

for someone who's been out of the game for quite a while you've done quite well. nice balanced build. before you know it you'd hit 150-200k dps in no time.

The very obvious upgrade would be the weapon, are you shooting for double socket manti? Your current Xbow has pretty low stat, you could probably get a pretty decent upgrade for cheap unless you're aiming for a bigger fish.

Other than that all your gear looks solid, balance with solid EHP (armor is very high!).

you have good dh. your challenge is to increase your health while maintaining your dps.
Find it hard to give feedback other than get the DML quiver with higher Dex?

But you got a hell of a DH that can mow down everything

You have a great DH atm. Nothing really to say expcept for maybe a crit mempo, higher dex/vit nat boots, better gems all around especially on your manti, all resist strong arms, higher dex vile wards and a better DML with disc or a high dex/vit DML. Very very nice overall.


Seems like you are just starting out, a lot to work on. Get higher crit chance. Period. If you plan on using nightstalker you must have higher CC. Work on getting more life. Higher dex and better gems in your weapon will help with DPS. Also get a better pair of lacunis, ones with dex or just drop em and go for a pair of rares or strong arm bracers for more survivability and better DPS.

Very nice demon hunter, I really can't see any upgrades for you without spending at least half a billion per piece. I personally like to have 50 discipline but with legacy nat's you probably don't need it. I'm saving for my own dual socket manticore, but that's going to take a while lol. The only other thing you could do is add vitality to a piece or two of your gear, get you over 50k...otherwise nice work.

Very well balanced dh from ehp, dps and disc.
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Very balanced DH

Nice mempo

Excellent crit chance, and nice 370k+ non-SS dps.

Impressive AR and Life stats. I'm sure you can start padding your Dex while maintaining the stat points you currently have.

Get higher life points and dex asap. Try to upgrade your boots and chest if you can. Nats Chest and Boots sell anywhere from half a million to 5M for average rolls.

*edit: if you're going for an insane Attack speed build then i suggest you get a Vile Ward with life/vit or a lacunis with cc. will help a lot
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Perhaps get a pair of Nat's Bloody Footprints with some vit on them, and upgrade your gems if possible
8/10 nice dps and high survivabilty.
Normy: Not bad! I'm totally jealous of your gems. You've got a great foundation going. If you can swing it, look for some Vit Strongarm Bracers as a quick upgrade.

Edited because I misidentified gems like a n00b. I sometimes confuse the graphics for the Flawless and Radiant gems
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