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Rate the DH above you V2


You could use a lot more All Resistance.
@PaperWingz I think that you should get more % critical hit chance and switch steady aim for night stalker. That will help you a lot.

Higher dex vile ward. Got plenty of hp and can afford to lose it on that piece.
Left ring needs some serious work. Look for a cd, cc one. Even a unity can add nice dps.
Manticore is getting cheaper and cheaper, i am sure you could find another one.
I am not a fan of leg nats but i left it alone cuz I am sure you would not want to break it up.

Other than that looks like you can tank anything.
@justinesane....nice build I wish i got a roll on my hellfire like yours. so far all i've gotten has been junk. On your gear, maybe a new DML with more vit and dex. Otherwise nice build. Really like that manti with LS too.
@MrLucid72, Nice overal DH, i have no idea what you can improve on lol, maybe a Dead mans Legacy with a bonus %DMG to a skill you actually use :D
cool gear setup with the Blackthorne, being different from everyone is always nice.
you probably know but 30% CC is a little low. If you can up that without losing the eHP that would be brilliant. But i can see that is it difficult as all you gear are pretty cool and balanced.

if you are rich than get CC on the Lacuni and the Mempo, but it is the easy and dump and COSTLY way out...
the cheaper way is probably lose some CD from the glove and find something with 9-10 CC??

BTW to anyone who rate mine, keep in mind that the pants is the most expensive gear I have. lol

You should pick up a Nat bloody foot
@scoot: doing great, good dps and vit. To move on to higher numbers, you'll probably want to increase the dex, cd and cc. All will cost you a lot. Anyway, 8/10 from me! Keep it up!

Your gear already speaks for itself. The only thing I can really think of is maybe an upgrade on the manticore and Nat's ring. Other than that everything looks pretty good. Awesome stuff! 9.5/10
@Blackyoshi, Excellent gear set up, can really see what more to improve actually LOL
Overall, Nice set up. I would look for a slightly better manti if money allowed it although yours does have a very nice dex roll, but first i would look into a better DML sacrifice on dex slightly you can easily find higher ias and higher vit on one. Again if money allows. They do get pricey at a certain point.

Hope my 2 cents was at least good enough to skim through haha

Pretty impressive DH. 160k+ non-SS damage with a 1h, nice attack speed bonus, good crit (i'm sure Nightstalker refills your disc quickly), not too bad on the survival aspect (good HP, average armor + resists), and to top it off, a nice amount of MF.
I need to upgrade my gloves, belt, pants. All in that order. Right now my APS is 1.73. AR around 260. Should I opt to get IAS for my gloves upgrade or just go for 200+ dex/CD/CC and maybe AR/vit. I like the IAS because it gives me better hatred regen, but the 200+ dex option gives me more damage per shot. Thoughts? Also debating what I should do with the belt + pants combo. I get a lot of my HP/AR from those now. Switching it will up my DPS, but I'm not sure if I wanna go that route seeing how it will severely decrease my survivability.

You can get some better gloves. When i opened AH and it showed "recommended items" it was displaying gloves. There were some cheap ones better then yours for less then 5mil. Should take a look =)

upgrade to better Legacy set, since current set is mediocre. Also upgrade lacuni to ones with Dex or go Strong Arm (High Dex strong arm offer almost the same amount of DPS as lacuni with crit and give tons of EHP). May want to buff up his AR and HP. I imagine he/she will argue perma gloom, but I guarantee you he gets one shot with perma gloom in Ubers MP 10. Its great for farming lower MP, but on higher MP they hit much harder. I take 3 Kulle fire balls attack on MP 10 b4 dieing, well most of them I dodge due to my extremely high dex. Upgrade Vile wards to ones with Vit and Double resistance or Vit and life, dex quantity is up to you. Upgrade DML, an extra 5 - 6 IAS make a huge difference. Since your attack speed is Slow, may i recommend using LfB. Its much easier to aim and shots out much quicker.

Here's my CV:

This should make judging me easier.
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obscene sweet build i wouldn't change it, but if i had to i would suggest getting the uniqe set of rings called ( litany of the undaunted ) and the ( the wailing host ) but that is because when you have the set it gives you a skeleton that follows you sometimes. and yeah its kind of cool.
Cool. Not bad build.
^KingEd: nice gear bro, 9.5/10
You can change your manticore for more DPS, everything else is OK.
I'm just starting, give me some advice! :D
@StukatziBlue: welcome to the Club, keep going...
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