Diablo® III

Stuck on "Retreiving hero list"

Wtf is this? Getting so tired of errors and crap all the time..!
Edited by Jabbiz#2500 on 11/10/2012 2:55 PM PST
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f*ck you too blizzard.
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Well at least they are aware of it now, I just try to log and they have something written in the Breaking News
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stuck too EU server
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!@#$ you blizzard %^-*s
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Same here.
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Blood and damnation. 12 hours of this madness.

I first tried to log in in the afternoon, couldn't get in a single time.

No official post? From all I know the servers could have burned down, with my saves on them.
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Same here, and when I got online 1 time my friend said I didnt show online when I said something to him.
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this and all the former log in problems and the many patches with strange and visonless changes, will make me really think twice before buying a next game associated with battle.net
Edited by Annaray#1246 on 11/10/2012 3:09 PM PST
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Ok Blizzard. This piece of !@#$ was the last, what i bought from you.
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This works fine on US and Asia server but EU doesn't work.
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I am so tired of putting up with this. I have not been able to get into my account and play for a week and a half because it gets stuck on retrieving hero and gives me an error. I have tried everything I possibly can on my end to fix this. I paid my 60 dollars. I paid my 60 dollars to play this game and I cant play it. Is it too hard to ask for them to take the millions of dollars they made off this game and put it towards servers that arent terrible. Is that too much to ask Blizzard?
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I say boycott these dicks - I'm looking at other games that strike my fancy now.

When I find something I enjoy, that's the end of blizzard games for me - they can get f*cked
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F*ck BLZ, this BUG takes one day. Can you fix it? If not, tell us how many time you want. Don't waste our time.
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Ufff, at least I know, I'm not alone:-)
Been struggling with Blizz Support, telling me to reset my router and check my hardware...
PFFFFF!!!!!!! Telling them, that I am a Support System and Network Engineer, did not help either-"no it seems to be a problem with your computer".
And now, I find out, that the same crap is happening to people in all regions?

Maybe it's time to ask for a collective refund on the game?
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Got another answer from the support guys, now they claim, that I have a bad connection to the Americas region, and I should try the Europe region...
And btw, I have told them, that allthough I can login into Europe, I still can not play-the lag is terrible.

Great support Blizzard-sounds like the quickest answer is the best answer huh?
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It is still messed up. Starting day 2 of no game play.....
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Fix it please!
It has been 3 days!
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6 days for me
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