Diablo® III

Connection lost?

Anyone else keep losing connection to b-net?

I'm playing solo anyway... why do I have to be connected to their lousy server?
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Yes, too many times just in the last hour to count. I'm new here. Are these problems taken care of in a timely manner?
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I have had this problem on and off for quite some time now, I have verified the stability of my internet again and again when this happens. It is very intermittent, sometimes I can play for 4 hours undisturbed, sometimes only about 15 minutes, it is quite frustrating because it prevents me from keeping a 5 stack of valor for a long period of time.

I'm certain this issue is a problem on the server side, I work for a statewide Carrier Ethernet ISP, I troubleshoot network connectivity issues on a daily basis and all levels of troubleshooting I have done point back to battle.net.

The region I live in is America Midwest, are you guys in a similar region of the US? It is particularly bad today, probably because it is a weekend and all.
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I dont care if it's the weekend. Their server ought to have the capacity...
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If dice could host a 64 player game back in 2005, hosting a 4 player game in 2012 is child's play. That's my 2 cents. I have a feeling its something intentional like a drop threshhold/timer that boots you out so you cant exploit the game while waiting for a reconnect - something that happened a lot in Diablo 2.

Edit - I just confirmed with multiple friends across the country that we all experienced a disconnect at approximately the same time, this IS a server side issue and this IS more common than anyone at Blizzard is admitting too.
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Ok this is a load of crap! got preety nice legend drop, just befor conection lost! get back ingame and see i have rollback! wtf. all items in my bags is gone that i got in that sesion
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This needs to be acknowledged by blizz, other threads on this from just today:


I've verified multiple times when I d/c'd today that it the same across all on my friends list. Different ISP's across the country, yet all people d/c simultaneously.
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Anyone who is having this is please send blizz a support ticket.
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