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Melee Reduction vs Resist/armor

I am really sorry i know there is alot ALOT of threads out there like this, but everyone is just so confusing....

All i want to know is

What is 5% melee reduction as Resist/armor

does 5% melee reduction convert to like:
50 all ress
1000 armor, or how does it work?

Is melee reduction worth it

I want to know if i should use my IK set or try get something else with all ress or sometyhing

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does 5% melee reduction convert to like:
1000 armor
it cannot be thought of as a static number such as 5% = 1000 armor, the value would be specific to what armor/res you already have;

in terms of relative value compared to armor/res vs melee it is dynamic

it does exactly what it says though, 5% less melee damage, so your survival vs melee is (1/.95) = 5.263% greater than without it

if you have multiple sources, bracer + belt they DO NOT work additionally (this would be overpowered and function asymptotically) they will work multiplicatively (the number on the 'details' section will tell you)

5% + 5%
= 9.75%
this means you take 90.25% damage which would function as 1/.9025
= 10.8% more survival than without the items (vs melee only)
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just tell me if 60-80 all ress on head, glvoes is better then 4-5 melee reduction, if i should go for ress instead of IK gear... cuz this tells me nothing
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11/11/2012 02:35 PMPosted by GentleEagle
cuz this tells me nothing

must be my fault
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