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Difficulty of Ubers? (WD)

Based on my DPS/gear, how high of MP ubers do you think I can solo?

Also, do they have enrage timers?

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not worth soloing, you lose too many machines

in a group, you can do mp4/5

and yes they enrage, but mp4/5 easy
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They said the difficulty was similar to Diablo fight on the same MP.

Find information on what it takes for diablo on what MP if it exists..

The problem with ubers is most people dont want to waste their time on 1/2/3 they want 4/5/6
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If you do mp3 solo, each encounter has a 30% chance to drop an organ. Therefore you will need to do 10 encounters on average, in order to create one hellfire ring. To make it worse, it has a huge standard deviation of 3, due to the nature of RNG. This means that 68% of the time, it will take you between 7 and 13 runs to create one key.

Sure you can get extremely lucky and get it in 3 encounters, but the probability of that occurring is only 0.3^3 or 2.7%

Imagine how much time you must farm keys in order to make 15 machines if you are even slightly unlucky with drops or end up with a bunch of spines and eyes, and can't seem to get that fang to drop. Worse yet, you get a streak of no drops whatsoever. It quite possible when your rate is 30%.

Now consider a group of 4 who each farmed 3 machines and brought it to the table, ready for mp5. They will each get 12 encounters. The expected value of rings is a little over 1.5 each, with a standard deviation under .5. Each person has a probability of 95% of getting at least one ring. Most will get a full ring and either 1 or 2 spare parts to use on the next ring.

Farm 15 machines, get one ring with decent probability
vs Farm 3 machines, and get one ring with near certainty plus spare parts for next ring.

You decide.
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As others have said dont do it solo I have had very very good luck so far with organs and I still had to roll 3 rings just to get one worth wearing. Takes way to many machines solo.
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Took me around 25 machines to get my Hellfire ring crafted solo in MP3 HC (EU).
My stats at that time was around 60k DPS with a shield, 650 all Res, 6k armour and around 66k HP.

I ran it with haunt, rain of toad and acid cloud as my main damage dealers (played it safe with a LoH build) and averaged killing each double uber at 5 mins in MP3. I believe enrage occurs at 8 mins. Good luck, I have a thread over in the EU forum detailing my experiences for those interested:

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Good info for the future TX
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Sorry to hear that Ghostwheel. You must be one of the unluckiest players in the world to get 1 ring out of 25 machines on mp3. And to make it worse, you were solo, which means if you had like 3 eyes and 2 spines, just waiting/praying for that fang, you could have reset after the fang encounter had been depleted for the game, which lowers the expected number of runs required to make your first ring. And still it took you 25 portals.

On top of all that, your ring roll was abysmal. Deepest condolences for your loss.
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Didn't really mind the bad roll. I had great fun working on getting it as I thought it was kind of like an end game objective - either I die crafting it or I succeed solo (my stats back then were around 33% less efficient than todays).

I only ended up with 1 spare eye when I made the ring and it was the last piece that took 13 consecutive runs which took ages. As I was playing solo, I did reset as soon as failing to get the last organ to conserve my machines - despite that, I was still unlucky with the number of machines I had to make.

For those just wanting a ring; I highly recommend doing it groups instead unless you're a sucker for punishment like me :P
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What an insult to the OP...none of you even answered his question.

I've never done ubers, Matik, so I can't help you there. I plan to solo key farming on mp2, then perhaps find a group for mp2 or mp3 for the ubers due to enrage timers
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What an insult to the OP...none of you even answered his question....

Enrage timers - answered.

"Based on my DPS/gear, how high of MP ubers do you think I can solo?"
Based on the combined wisdom and information of fellow players above - deduce the probability of success at your skill level.

Also partially answered in more depth in my other thread :

"If you want to play safely, you can try each uber at MP0 and use that as a "baseline" from which you can calculate the success of higher MPs. For example, time yourself at MP0 and based on the health scaling, you can determine just how long the higher MPs will take."
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My apologies, Ghost.
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11/14/2012 07:45 AMPosted by krazlys
My apologies, Ghost.

Nah, it's cool. Good luck to those looking to craft their rings.
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Did 3 mp4 uber runs last night with frosted - convic monk/bremen - wd/isolation - wd. We averaged somewhere btwn 45-50k dps per person, and it only took us 4min - 4:30 per uber battle. So I'd say with a party of 60k dps guys you're for sure gtg on mp5, with 50k dps guys you are probably gtg on mp5 as well but you could do 1 run at mp4 just to be safe and build your comfort level with the battles.
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Wow...you guys were way ahead of schedule with an 8 minute enrage. Based on that, it looks like 30k-35k dps each would be good for mp2, maybe even mp3
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