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80mil+ xp/h WD Speed farm VIDEOS

So Chuck now that it seems like Stalker move speed isn't working at all, what are you going to fill that slot with?
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11/15/2012 12:03 PMPosted by Shadrak
So Chuck now that it seems like Stalker move speed isn't working at all, what are you going to fill that slot with?

That's still not a settled question, if you read the progress in the discussion.
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I continue having a lot of fun with Cain set. Worth every penny!

Just for exp. sharing:

I really love the cheap Lacuni Prowlers I bought (< 1mil ). It's perfect for exp runs. Now I can move so much faster.
(Turns out I pick up another cheap one on a mp 0 run. Let me know if anyone need one I can let it go cheap)

I tried Locust Swarm and I didn't like it... feel slow on elites.

Turns out circle of life and dog sacrifice (pride) work quite well for me.
Mana gen from dog sacrifice is very helpful.

Besides, does anyone feel that the dog explosion can speed up the move also? For some unknown reason, I have a strong feeling of speed up right after dog explosions.

I also die easily on reflect elites when I accidentally spam bear on them. Running fast with armor 2.7k really take some skills. My followers can kill for me and help alot (my scoundrel dps 10k+ with knockback. Enchantress with dps 14k can turn enemies to chicks. Templar, well, he is not performing well even with a 1.1k 1h weapon...). When I die, I won't repeat the same track but just start another one with tp. Each game I can gain about 12mil exp. I don't think I can get close to 80mil/hr without LS ring.

Thanks for the advice here everyone!
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Im not changing stalker. I did extensive testing on all the movement speed skills like 4 months ago and again yesterday. I think they are all working as intended.
I tried locusts and sacrifice. Locusts kills way to slow, im so far way when mobs die I have no chance of getting loot and im worried that I can also get out of range for getting xp from the mob. For sac I love the effects it gives (mana or more base dmg) but I just dont have 2 active skills, or 1 active 1 passive, open to make it work.

For me skipping elites is not worth it since I can kill them fairly fast. I will occasionally skip killing one of member of a elite pack if it runs off screen in the opposite direction im moving in.
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Got a few upgrades, new hell fire ring and MH. Everything is a tad quicker, thanks! additional advice are well appreciated.
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@Recount. Damn ur hellfire ring is awesome. Ur weapon still sucks. If you want, Ive been buying tons of bis weapons for this build. I have like 5 that im willing to sell. All will perform much better than ur manajumas for for speed farming. im selling them for like 5mil-25mil if ur interested in buying one u can msg me in game.
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I'll let you know, thanks man.
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ok I have created a youtube channel and replaced the links with youtube links in the original thread. Keep an eye out on the channel as I will will be doing some new videos.
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Well, I am using Cains. It does seem faster although I get faceplanted quite often. Also, day 2 is much smoother than day 1. Day 2 is when I finally figured out I didn't need all FOUR pieces of Cains... duh...

Leorics next!
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This is interesting. Thanks TS!!
Tested my build, 55m exp/hour at 148% bonus exp (5nv mp0). I'm wondering what is your dps with/without cain's set?

Will be anticipating for your witch doctor secrets video :)))
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Thx for the video but i can't see the real build of this ;-(
I tried several things and didn't go as smooth as you , probably because i'm a bad player spamming like crazy but not efficiently. I'm speaking of course of the spped challenge with cain. (without it, it's fine, and overkill at mp0; i use to do it at mp1). The problem with cain is that my armor is paper thin, my survivability is pfffff and the dps feel a little short without mana regen. I skip reflect elite, too time consuming because i have to be too careful to survive them.

So, i have some questions:
With cain, my dps is UNBUFF between 100k (thing of the deep) or 110k (serpent).

- what is the actual build? especially the passives?
- what is the recommended dps?
- what iare the recommended armor and allres WITH cain? (i'm 2800 and 360, feel really fragile: i need to be really careful to not die)
- which follower do you recommend? with which build?

(i have rubis on helm, hellfire, leoric, cain set, can use main weap 3%LS (manjuma) or a fat echoing fury without LS (adding 8K), thing of deep (big radius) or serpent (adds 9K but no radius))
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ok I have completed my speed farm gear set now after testing dozens of variations.

looks like my forum profile has not updated completely so if some one can tell me where I can easily upload a pic I can take a quick screen shot of my stats screen
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ok I have completed my speed farm gear set now after testing dozens of variations.

looks like my forum profile has not updated completely so if some one can tell me where I can easily upload a pic I can take a quick screen shot of my stats screen

All this WD R&D and this is your question?


Just busting your chops, man. Keep up the good work!
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Why did the thread die? I'm really looking forward to the results of the latest tests
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Ive just been to busy to do much atm. But I have finished my gearing for speed runs to an acceptable lvl. Im using bears/garg build you can see in the second vid as this solves the one shot issue. I die only once every 10 runs or so now which has brought up the xp/h average to about 83mil xp/h and I have gotten as high as 90mil xp/h on a run. Ill try to get 90mil/h on video but it just takes a lot luck on the dungeon roll and I dont like recording every run since it slows my comp down.
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I'm getting close with a Skorn! I just did 75M XP/hr. I don't have enough cash for a Leoric's Signet, but I'm betting that adding one would not slow down the run at all. According to my calculations, with the added 30% * base from a Signet, I hypothetically would have hit 82M. I know it's not fair to claim this without actually buying the 30% signet first, but since it will be a long, long time until I can afford a 30% ring I'm forced to calculate what could have been :P I will probably buy a 20% ring before long, then I'll give it another shot. (I also probably should have upgraded my ruby back when they were cheap, alas.)

Here is what I used:

Here's my gear:
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Jason what I did to test signet before I bought one is I got a blue ring with like 30 int and 1%crit to see if I could manage the stat loss. Looking at ur gear ur gonna get hit real hard in both dps and survivbility from loosing the pox. Since you are on a budget I would do some tests with a blue ring or just an empty second ring slot before you buy a signet. your projections are definitely very optimistic for your gear set.
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why are you guys averaging out the dps per hour, i normally play for an hour and record how much xp i get, normally its around 60mil.

if i averaged out the experience, i remember this time i got about 3mill exp in 2minutes, thats 90mil xp per hour :P without cains set.

How long does a run have to be for you to be able to claim an xp/hour record
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hey its a lot better to extrapolate xp/h from one run than to time it for an hour. It allows you to test more variables at a much faster rate, also I rarely have time to sit an play for an entire solid hour and really the value of 1 hour is irrelevant, we just use it because thats the basic unit of time we use in standardization.

Your example of 90mil xp/h is moot. I could easily do 500mil+ xp/h by rounding up all the mobs in fields and lure them to the way point, then port out, get five stack of nv, find a experience and empowered shrine and port back to fields to start a "run" and claim 3mil xp in 10 seconds.

There is no minimum length a run has to be but it has to be the entire run and be reasonably repeatable. which means it has to start where the game places you when you first join and you cant go around getting 5 stack nv or finding shrines before you actually start counting it.
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Timing tip:
  • Screenshot your XP at the start of the route
  • Screenshot your XP at the end of the route
  • Paste the folder path into Chrome to compare the file modify dates, down to the second
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