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Critique. The WD above you: 4 things cont'd

@yokai: over all looks pretty good, but if your goal now is para levels you can make a few improvements:
1) you need new gloves, the AS isn't much benefit and 40-50% crit dmg would benefit you more
2)Farm a good Hell Fire Ring!
3) Why do you have bad medicine? drop it and get spirit walk. Even if you never die it is a great speed buff
4) i'd swap out toads for bears.

Your gear is fine (except HF ring), your skills can definitely be improved to better farm, or kill ubers
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1. 7/10. Great CD
2. You need AR on you gear for survivability. You can improve on your HP as well. Add some CC too.
3. Try to replace PTV with Grave Injustice to take advantage of that Frog.
4. Nice TWH
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Any advice on my little Teganzie Ter-ror?
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9/10 nice gear!

would change bracers though
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Everything seems to fit together well, but I don't get the Fetish Sycophants talent. Seems like a waste.
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Most of your items are good but you can find better ones like Vile Ward for your shoulders will give you more armor and stats, nice pants and bracers but you should really try to find some with ar. Not sure why you using LS/Pestilence, i mean i love it but i just dont see the dmg in higher mps you're wasting a slot there you could use for something better imo
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1) Replace that TotD with one that has more damage. You wouldn't believe how cheap they are now.
2) Some Radiant Star gems would help boost your stats
3) While Jaunt helps you speed from mob to mob, you might try switching to Vengeful Spirit rune on Soul Harvest for the damage, and use Healing Journey to replace the heal from Siphon.
4) The next "save up for this" item on your shopping list should be a good Witching Hour

To whomever critiques me -- I'm looking to ditch my Compass Rose, but have to keep my movement speed. Innas Pants? Lacunis? Both of those set off "chain reactions" I can't seem to figure out.
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I was skipped LoL


2. High HP pool and armor but you lack resist. You can add some more CD and CC.
3. You can replace your dogs with BBV (Rain Dance) to spam those lethal spells.
4. Nice trails you got there.
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@ Xoniuqe

1. 9.5/10
2. Get those +58 gems already
3. on personal preference, i would use spirit vessel on higher mp plays (6,7 and above). but perhaps your high resist and hp is sufficient to mitigate the damage.
4. your Mana knife and Zumi boots made me drool.

To those who critique me, i usually farm legendary and exp on mp1 and key/uber farm in groups at mp 7.

PS: Kindly disregard my profile build, as this is meant for mp1 farm.
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1. 7/10
2. Like the build. No complaints really, except I'd have a hard time going without the Garg. He's extremely beefy, dishes out a lot of damage, and with the Bruiser, stuns enemies pretty damn often. To me he's irreplaceable.
3. GI and GF with no pickup radius that I saw? Maybe consider a Thing of the Deep.
4. Both rings are pretty sweet.
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1. Depends on what you're going for, but 90K Health seems like you could afford to lose some for some added DPS
2. You have a TON of critical hit chance, and very little crit damage. Swap some items around for ones with added crit damage and I bet it would make your DPS jump up
3. Looks solid, and I imagine you don't die much.

To whoever critiques me: This build is what I've been doing to run Uber's with a monk that tanks, and a wizard that has a ton of CC at MP5. Normally I switch out the helm jewel for something else. I'd really appreciate any advice about what I should be looking to upgrade next. Is blackthorns jousting mail really enough LoH to support WD builds like these, or do you normally need backup from an amulet/rings?
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I can't see your profile so I can't really critique. I can say that I have almost 800 LoH and it doesn't feel like too much. You might want some life regen too. I have over 500 but would like more for when there's nothing to hit or you have a something on cooldown.


Way too much life. I play hardcore and most people there don't have over 60k. What you need is more armor.

Whoever critiques me, keep in mind I play hardcore. I know I need a TotD but I'm broke so I'm looking to by a cheap on in a week. Looking for gear suggestions. Main hand ring, ammy...? Thanks in advance.
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Hey there, I'm not sure how my gear is compared to the others right now, mind if I sneak in and steal some advice?
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1)upgrade your gems
2) get a better strongarm if u wanna see strongarm
3) if you wanna use that kinda weapon, as at least get a black weapon
4) you can easily get an upgrade for your glove for cheap

do me do me. new gears ! :D
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Oops.. from the other post thread :)


I'm pretty new at this but here's my 2 cents.

1) Upgrade your gems
2) Try to find a set of gloves with CD (BTW love your CC on your existing set of gloves)
3) Replace your ZMarrow with one with one with Resist All (Never hurts to have more) and perhaps Life%
4) Replace your ZVision with one with CC. (I need to do the same on my WD)

Overall solid build I think from what I know about WD's these days.


1) Maybe replace your Chicken with a Socketed ToTD. The Zuni Skulls would be nice if you want to go that route and would help in your Zuni set as well but I personally like the 20 yard gold / health globe pick up on the Toad.
2) Pick up a Blackthorn or Inna's pants. There are some very nice reasonably priced ones on the market.
3) Live the 2% Acid Rain on your VoG but I think since you already have 2 pieces of Zuni if you picked up the Vision the +55 Resist All may be quite nice to have over just 2%.
4) Maybe get a socketed version of your Tal Rasha's Ammy.

Over all nice and gives me a few things to think about as well.
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1) Upgrade your gems
2) I'm pretty sure you can upgrades your gloves for more AR, CC or CD. That would be imo the next piece to change.
3) Rune for Mass Confusion would not be better with Paranoia? Not sure about that one!
4) Solid gear in general.

(For the next one that will do me... Yeah my pants need to be change :P Not sure if I want ot go with Inna's)
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1)change your pants :p
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Nice one.
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Nice tank zombie bear gear, not my style of play though :))
Maybe switch SOJ with -6mana ZB to a crit/crit damage ring.

Do me >< I need to break pass 100k dps!!
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1) 6/10

2) Is your build for low MP? If so, get some faster movement there (like stalker rune from horrify). Is your build for mid-high MP? If so, work on better mana sustainability. For example, you would probably benefit way more from Rain Dance than Slam Dance.

3) Start working on building up that zuni 4 piece set, the 20 extra mana regen is massive. The first piece I'd go with replacing is those Ice Climbers (to zunimassa trail). It is lacking the most crucial thing you need right now, which is movement speed.

4) I'd say your chest armor, Paragon's Apex, is probably your most impressive piece. (That should be the last one you switch with a Zunimassa piece.)

EDIT: By the way, the format, as the OP forgot to remind us, is

1) Rate the WD out of 10
2) Make a suggestion for the WD's build
3) Suggest the piece the WD should upgrade next
4) Comment your favourite piece of the WD

Nemmz (since I posted too late)

1) 4/10

2) Your build looks a bit like a speed clearing build. Are you sure Widowmakers is really good for that? They're more suitable for attrition battles

3) Before worrying about breaking 100k DPS, I'd worry more about your EHP, it's pitiful. I'd upgrade that chest armor. You can get way more armor, life, and resists from a good piece. Try and look for a zunimassa piece.

4) I think your gloves, Fist Trial, is your most impressive piece
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