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Critique. The WD above you: 4 things cont'd


Try to get a little more AR and HP. Also upgrade your gems lol
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Sorry if I'm breaking format but just wondering if anyone could give me some advice. Any tips appreciated.
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Me too, someone skip me :(
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Oh hell.. Better than mine.

I just need help. Rip me a new one.
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Nice attack speed! Not what I've found to be most effective for my which doctor though. Maybe that is just my play style, but I've found choosing critical chance instead of attack speed to be better for a which doctor especially MP6-MP7. Slower attacks means your manna lasts longer.

I would try to get your Zunimassa's set completed. The 20 mana per second of regeneration will help you expand into some of the more mana intensive skills but with higher damage. Quickly spamming Firebomb at 140% damage is nothing compared to slowly spamming 3 bears at 230% or well of souls at 230 + 3x65 = 425% (if you can get it to hit a single target).

Next try to get some type of life steal. Leeching beasts don't steal enough to get you into the higher MP levels or to deal with the Reflect Damage elites.

Finally if you can find gear with just a little gold or magic find, they will go a long way in helping you find that one piece of gear that you can sell on the AH for millions of gold.
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@ fastzap

Nice explaining , but i would get rid of that 2 hander honestly i have alot of IAS 1.92 and yeah mana flies but theres different setups i use for karming then totally setup for uber fights and widowmakers help out ALOT!! ur in the right direction though.
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11/13/2012 10:42 AMPosted by foong
too, someone skip me :(


To be honest I don't like any build that uses PTV unless it is specific for fast MP0-1 clear. But again you are not using GI so it doesn't seem like a good build.

You gears look decent and you have the frog, look into GI/GF and you will be clearing lower MPs so much faster.
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1) drop dogs
2) get LOH/LS
3) 24% movement
4) upgrade gems

1-4) 24% movement especially if you are 0-1 farming.
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1) 7/10
2) Read below. I would get rid of zombie handler unless you have a 0 cd dog build.
3) You need more AR. A balance between life/AR/armour is best. Your armour can be lowered to get you some AR instead which would give you better damage mitigation overall. I aim for 3750-4k armour, 650 AR, and 55k+ health for best balance.
4) Love the knife.

Thank for both the kind words and feedback. I like Zombie Handler for the extra dog and health for them, as they made great tanks at 5 and below. Plus with my attempting to stack poison damage, 4 of them running around with Rapid Rune puts a considerable amount of damage on the table that I don't have to do anything to achieve. You have me interested in swapping it out though, and i see your logic that if i am killing faster then I don't need the dogs to tank as long. What would you think of swapping ZH for Blood Ritual? I am currently sittting at 1000+ mana and around 75 regen I believe. My resists are all above 600, so I don't have too much farther to go to attain your 650 mark. I also am a huge fan of the knife, as it allows me to unload my 4 seconds of bears w/o having to worry about moving. I really want a 1000+ dps one with higher CD and LS, but I am quite a bit short of the billion gold needed to get one : ).

Think you need to do a little research on +% as elemental damage. It doesn't matter what damage I have on my tal's ammy... it will calculate the added damage based off my physical (black) damage. It then takes into account all damage multipliers and puts that on paper dps. That is then transferred all over to poison damage when I launch my bears anyways because it transfers your damage over as Poison.

I had no idea that is how it worked. Thanks for the schooling. My friend Badass2020 is one of the top 5 WDs in the world, and I don't think he even knew that. I was looking for a Poison Tal's as I assumed it would stack with the Zuni boots and give me an overall boost to any skill using poison as damage (hence the Toads, Acid Cloud, and Charger). Can you direct me to your primary source for this info so I can read it for myself?
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iam sorry i dont have the link but i wanted to read this to and someone linked it to me it is absolutley true .your set up is pretty good i would drop peirce the veil for jungle fort,and get spitit vessel in there it is a must in my opinion. i would take out the ruby to and put a ammythest in there you probly kill elite fast enough to get plenty of exp dont think you need the ruby overrated in my opinion..everything else in your setup looks good! nice wd
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@minister I think manajumas is really overated. you should try out some different weapons. I think its ok for around mp5 but anything lower or higher there are much better options. also I would disagree with your about the ruby and would suggest you use one to finish off those last two lvls lol.
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Then where else are you going to get LS? If ur not using skorn , manajuma's is the best imo and yes even better then skorn 2 handers just do not cut it for a WD , yet again my opinion.
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man i dont know chuck i love my knife and i didnt like the scorn to much just my opinion. and i cant go without my thing of the deep and i never used a ruby for all my levels of para because flush elite down the toilet fast thats were your exp comes from not bounus exp and I farm mp 8 with my mara farm not run smooth easy runs so i have to disagree with you there
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SKORN owns all. MY big retard guy critted for 220k the other day.
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11/13/2012 12:30 PMPosted by lostnomad1
SKORN owns all. MY big retard guy critted for 220k the other day.
iam not saying scorns are bad but i dont think they own all and i crit for 800k with my knife thats a high crit yes but 400 is the lowest
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I consider myself decent, broke, and work very hard. But I don't understand how some of you have such high damage. I have crit and a decent amount of crit damage...

I want to get myself better for Monster Power and Ubers, Help!

And I don't understand why it says I haven't completed Inferno, I killed Inferno Diablo twice?
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Yeah skorn doesnt own all my garg crits for 350+ and i have 1h/OH juss sayin. maybe skorn is decent for a lower geared person if there trying for more dps , BUT this game doesnt revolve around just dps as well. And if the skorn doent have LS its even more garbage for a WD. You have to have LS with a WD especially using bears.
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Pretty new to this build, but loving it already. I am hoping to get some good feedback. That being said, I am not sure I should be critiquing Demon. He has much more time with the class. If anything, I would suggest more AR and possibly a little LOH to supplement the 3% LS. Again, only a suggestion based on other classes that I have played.

Thank you in advance to the person who gives me some tips!
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I'm slightly useless at this but I would appreciate a critique of myself.
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@hamzhammer : very good wd there... get more crit chance and youre on your way
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