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Critique. The WD above you: 4 things cont'd

Felt the need to reply to a few of the things about this build
1) i have a 191 int 5 crit chance hellfire but its less dps overall.
2) its better to have more mana regen then more max mana, which is why i use this knife over manas
3)SA is only +12 mana Bringing the total to 118 which is not enough with 1.77APS and ROE scales with IAS
4) cant believe nobody liked these shoes I thought they were steal for 6 mil
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<--- got skipped :(
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1) get a new zuni vision, a 200+ intel vision is less than a million now. do it!
2) neither you rings or ammy have crit chance, you have great crit dmg, but unless you have high crit chance it is a waste. aim for 40%+ crit chance. with 386% crit dmg, each % increase in crit chance will increase your dmg alot, like 4000 DPS...
3)Your knife is awesome, gratz!
4) you have a lot of mana abilties, but you don't use bears...huh? where does all your mana go? if you are spamming acid cloud switch to bears, at least for elites.
5) depending on what you are doing, i'd lower AR and raise intel (ie on braces) for farming you have way too much AR for MP0-4.

For anyone that does me, my shoulders are just for mf. i have a VW pair lying around somewhere..
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<--- got skipped :(
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1 one piece away from 4 pcs zuni, so prioritize that over anything else.
Your choices of gears are rather odd, hard to make suggestions but they seem to have synergy and your build seems to be a working build.

Having LOH on many pieces is a waste unless you want to permanently commit to things like primary/acid rain. LS alone is fine IMO.
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@DanSkyWalker you seem to know a lot more then me so trying to critique your gear would be pointless. IMO 10/10 good job!
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nice set chest item :3 !!! i think i should buy better ones T..T
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1)You should get some more vit. I can't imagine you survive even 1-2 hits on medium-high MPs with that build. I'd recommend swapping out your gems to start.

2)I think you could get better results in your bracers with some sort of crit chance rares with good intel rather than the lacunis. Mana heavy builds don't like IAS :( That said, if you're not having any mana problems:

3)Lose some mana regen. It's nice that you can spam barrage, but I have a sneaking suspicion that you could pop out more DPS, with the same lifesteal, if you used poison dart and sold off the zuni gear in favour of cranking out as much paper DPS as possible (and you'd most likely up your EHP in the process by a fair amount as well) The break even point there would be 113k DPS (that is, if you can get your paper DPS to be 114k or more, you'll be doing more dps with poison dart than you currently are with spirit barrage)

Actually looking at your passives I think this is probably the biggest point I could make here. You only actually need ~27% more raw damage to make PD outdamage your SB, so replacing rush of essence with PTV would nearly bring you there on its own, and without having to worry about mana regen you could use skills/passives/items that would further up your damage and tanking potential much farther (half your gear, one of your skills and ALL of your passives go into feeding your bears and spirit barrage, and the bears are useless if you have no lifesteal or survivability)

4)If you can get a tal rasha's ammy with crit chance, go for it. Your weapon with black damage would benefit quite a bit from it I think.
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Thanks for the advice but i need some clarity. So, i should Drop rush of essence and pick up PVT so i can use PD (with what rune do you think?) over Spirit barrage, and try to pick up some more LOH ?
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Well, I know the build you're using very well because I did it for a while after seeing that incredible video of the WD doing MP10 with the ZD ~Sac build. After a while I found it
incredibly ineffective and situationally dependant. Long story short, I moved on to bigger and better things. :)

Your gear selection is specific for your build because it HAS to be. No room for lateral movement build-wise. BUT, that's how you play and if you make it work...outstanding!

Of course the main changes I would recommend would be your gems need upgrading, your legs, and amulet. You could probably benefit more from a different MH but that comes with time and grind.

Your build is VERY specific and your gear was chosen with that in mind. You make it work for you. 'nuff said.

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1. eh
2. hmm
3. not bad
4. but you know..

how did i do?
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Please advice how to improve my WD..farming MP3 solo easily now ^^
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@ Saiyan

1. very creative WD name (lol not)
2. it seems like you have too many attacks... i would switch some skills to support a main attack or secondary attack. the others seem like they are wasting a skill slot.
3. i would start by switching vengful spirit to a different rune and trying to decide between bears or acid cloud. (its all comes down to personal preference though)
4. i would look for a new ammy with crit damage on it. it would really make your dps shine with your high crit chance.
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1) 7/10
2) Your build look really nice. I need to try that out! :)
3) Why do you have those gloves on? I would probably change your Pants.
4) I would say the amy or the Weap for the int roll on that.

I'm shopping for a Crit Vision helm for next upgrade. What can I change my pants for?
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1) 5/10 (basing this on what MP I think you can farm)
2) totally different build so hard for me to recommend
3) I'd look to upgrade gloves belt or pants...maybe Blackthornes?
4) love the Zuni armor...I'm jelly
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1- 5/10
2- try Bruiser Garg
4- Nice ammy
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@ Dan

1. 4/10

2. Looks like most of your gear could be upgraded for fairly cheap, but the general direction and balance you have is good.

3. Your spec looks pretty solid, i like the GI with your 2 pickup radius items. Not sure about the mass confusion and that rune but maybe with AC that works out nicely.

4. Nice TotD
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