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Critique. The WD above you: 4 things cont'd

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1) 9/10 great gear
2) Build looks interesting. I would change the run on SH to vengeful spirit for a nice dmg pop with no animation. Chances are you are harvesting more souls before that time expires anyways.
3) Vile ward can use an upgrade to one with life% or vit. Your life is what is slightly lacking atm running only 46k with an amethyst in your helm. Nice amount of AR though... maybe even too high. The key is to get a good balance of AR/armour/life. To me it seems like you could sacrifice some AR for a lot more life to make it so AR isn't hitting diminishing returns.
4) Nice cc pox.
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1) 9/10 great gear
2) I tryed that build and find it really interesting with Widowmaker. Wouldn't change anything.
3) Would probably change the Pox for a C.C one? (all your piece are so good that you'll need a big amount of gold to upgrade)
4) All your gear is really WoW. Nice Vision helm with high int, nice roll on the Hellfire. The amy is really nice! All your gear is so nice.

On my side juste made the switch to Zuni Sets. Trying a lot a build with ZB for mp1-2 farming. Need to have ZB in my build for sure. Any comments is appreciated!
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@ Nazrah

1) 6/10
2) I don't run a bears build so I can't really comment on your build.
3) Pants and belt definitely need upgrades.
4) Nice crit chance and % life on your Hellfire.

I think you have plenty of health so you can probably drop it a bit while looking for more DPS gear.
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2)Never really run anything but bears but your build seems fun
3)really nice gear all around, was thinking of maybe getting a weapon with life leech myself
4)I suck at rating ._o;

but your wd seems nice
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1) 7/10 (Based on skill choices, mainly passives)
2) So you sit at about 120-130k dps, you have raised damage by 20% on pets and yourself at the cost of mana, personal choice but I believe you could select a better passive and output more damage without worrying about mana as much. Now I don't know how your build plays so I can't really judge, just looking at it on paper and if you like it, run it!
3) I am on my phone and it doesn't pull up weapons real well but I have found that 1+ offhand has alot more potential for damage output... Mana regeneration is huge plus crit chance that you can get with an offhand. I am sure the skorn hits like a truck but I would probably bail on that guy if it was me.
4) definitely the Blackthornes, it's such a solid piece for that slot. I run them in my magic find build and there really isn't a better choice Imo. Native LoH, magic find, and generally good pants for all classes so you can move them around between characters.
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1. 7/10 could bump mana and health
2. KIller DPS
3. I'm in no place to really critique anyone as it stands
4. Love all the sockets!
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@ k1llface

1. 7/10
2. Perhaps you can try to use circle of life to raise pets, and sacrifice to get life/mana/damage? The effect is more direct and pretty effective in low MP farming.
3. You might want to get a zunni ring with raw damage, it cost far less than CC ring
4. I love your witching hour!
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[1] 8/10
[2] If using corpse spiders maybe you can try to pick up VQ to add to the mana regen. If you
use spiders for attacking while waiting for the regen to spam bears again perhaps ROT
would be more useful with your LS from and LOH you have.
[3] Another zuni piece would fix the mana regen issue. But a zuni vision is with CC is indeed a
hefty price
[4] Good overall gear choices.

Overall choices are good (skill/equipment), quite hard to critique ^^;
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@ Salutations

Not sure I've seen another WD profile with so much stacked AS. From what I understand it either gives you
1) diminshed returns at a certain point (and what point is that)
2) is OOM an issue? Considering you have zero mana return spells, not even in passive. With PTV that's a 30% increase in mana spent and your mana pool isn't especially high. Its' rather normal.

Can you offer some insight plz?



I do about 7 attacks every 3 seconds out of those seven i crit 3-4 times so i down everything pretty quickly since i do alkairser runs in low MP levels and I've been having good drops lately so I like this build (its from debo stream i dont know if you are familiar with his build). I dont like ZB and my ghost bomb is great for AOE and good enough do down anything quickly in low MP levels there a few skills you can change to your style but Im not having trouble with mana but of course so much stack AS just wont work with ZB.
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@ Dan

1. 4/10

2. Looks like most of your gear could be upgraded for fairly cheap, but the general direction and balance you have is good.

3. Your spec looks pretty solid, i like the GI with your 2 pickup radius items. Not sure about the mass confusion and that rune but maybe with AC that works out nicely.

4. Nice TotD

I'm definitely not married to Mass Confusion. If anyone thinks there's a better skill I could use there I'm open to suggestions
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1) 7/10
2) I don't know much about zd/sac builds, so no comment.
3) Solid gear in every slot. I would say get a better zunni marrow.
4) Awesome MCK
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1) 7/10
2) I don't know much about zd/sac builds, so no comment.
3) Solid gear in every slot. I would say get a better zunni marrow.
4) Awesome MCK

1. 8.5/10
2. Nice spirit barrage build. Heard a lot of good things about well of souls. I would leave it as it is, but maybe you could change out acid cloud for zombie bears for an increase in dps and it scales better with life steal, but acid cloud has much better range.
3. Not really sure what slot needs an upgrade as everything looks nice. Maybe try to add some all res in a few slots. Keep rolling hellfire rings until you can replace that rare ring.
4. That ammy and your zuni pox are pretty nice.
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1. 7/10
2. For build, the only thing I would look at is your choice of JF. With 53k health a large amount of res all, and ok armor on top of your loh with toads it seems like you could survive without it just fine. Maybe you have been farming higher MP levels? Not sure what your mana consuption is like, but depending on how much you are using toads for regen, you might be able to get away with PvT since you have a solid amount of mana regen and a slow atk spd. Maybe GI if mana is an issue?
3. Gear wise your set up isn't bad, pretty low CD overall alot of which comes from the lack of socket in your weapon. To me your top upgrade would be getting a witching hour belt. Other upgrades would be getting a Pox with CC, and keeping the same stats in your weapon but with a socket (extremely pricy).
4. Your Trail's are pretty nice, and your tal's is pretty awesome although I would prefer some CC. Also that weapon is very close to being perfect, just need a socket.
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1. I think you might be a little light on life. There are some nice bracers that you could easily get your VIT up, maintain your INT, and still maintain Critical.
2. I can't really see your +Resist, but I would maybe try to get a depth digger that has more, and then focus your gloves on Crit Change & Damage
3. Not sure how Tal Rashas amulet with 5% increase damage stacks up against your Amulet with crit damage and chance, but you probably already considered that.

For my pieces:
I'm looking to upgrade ring, and bracers (sacrifice VIT for Critical).
Otherwise, any suggestions welcome.
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9/10 Nice gear and build
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1. 6/10
2. You need more AR, CC and CD on you gear. You need more HP too. Specially for higher MP levels.
3. Upgrade your gems and try to get a weapon with a socket for that 100% crit gem.
4. Nice Trifecta gloves you have there.
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2. i would regear some of the pieces....ditch strongarms, go for a trail with res, get lacuni with int/vit/9%IAS/4+CC, get pickup radius on shoulders, gloves, some other piece, ditch totd, get serpent or strings, get a better witching

3. invest in lacuni first....speed of farm increases a lot
4. luv your knife

im trying to get near best in slot so it'll take awhile for me to upgrade
pox with CC should be coming next...saving 150-200m for that
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you have very good stuff already Xonique, dunno what else to change lol. maybe just a few tweaks:

1. perhaps getting a zuni pox ring with crit chance since i notice you are heavy on crit dmg
2. perhaps getting higher crit rate amulet with more intelligence. while i see vit is always nice, maybe going for more dmg can help speed up farming.
3. a zuni vision with more Int/vit maybe
4. maybe change litany of the dead with something crit dmg along with crit rate :)
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me skipped @_@

1. 5/10
2. u need to ditch magicfind on legendary pieces....they lose value fast cuz no one aint want them
3. bracers and pants (get 2 socket) are pretty miserable...upgrade them
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