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You know what to do...

i think your barb is in good shape bro. i guess you should focus on upgrading your mainhand to get more dps, maybe adding some AR.


break that 100k barrier bro! :) gudluck!
@ Uber:

Get some Str on that Mempo, look to get more CC on both it and your Lacuni bracers. Nice hellfire, by the way : ).

nice HoTA barb you got there bro. 10/10

i'm working on the same build too but with rend in the mix.

oops... someone beat me to the post lol.



cool rend build 10/10
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@ vince02

7/10 nice barb gear

probably can upgrade your gem. Helm & wep
for your main hand. you probably can get a stronger skorn at a few million gold

u can consider looking @ 300+ str, 150%+ CD & 1300+ dps skorn.
forget the vit, vit will skyrocket the skorn price easily
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7/10 - You can use some more vit for sure

9.5/10 upgrade yer gems!

Also very impressive that it's a farming barb with the mf items.
rate me !!
Check Mine out. NO WHIRLWIND! MP10 Solo! And I dont have to use a cheap trick to do it :)


9.5/10 upgrade yer gems!

Also very impressive that it's a farming barb with the mf items.

Lovely Barb. I like the Tyrael's Might -- I had one awhile ago and loved the damage mods to monsters and elites. I wish I had stacked it with a SoJ before I sold it.

11/13/2012 09:23 AMPosted by Adrenalin
rate me !!

@ Adrenalin 0/10
@tiedtkes 0/10

Common, this only works if you rate first.
Acrimony... No idea where you go from here, 10/10.

Joelimon, might want to start with your helm. I don't know how you survive with 25k life unless you are just smashing mp0.
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@ Adrenalin 0/10
@tiedtkes 0/10

Common, this only works if you rate first.

3/10 - first time rating someone.. but damn mang, part with the MF gear ;)
if you upgraded gear for more deeps and double your HP you will be farming way more gear - faster and not even notice the MF loss
Rate me
*above was for Joe
Dep- yes, I have another set of armour. This set is for speeding through a3 mp0 as fast as I can with as much mf as I can.

Legit- I one hit mobs in a3 mp0, upgrading my survivability won't do much. I use another set for higher mp levels. With 23% run speed, and 50% bonus on my sprint, I bet I'm more efficient then you :)
Edited by JoeLimon#1706 on 11/13/2012 9:47 AM PST
Need some advice, wanna do mp 9-10 but there's always a problem facing Suculuss + high damage Mosnter.
@Legit smexy skorn barb 9/10 though i was wondering....i didnt see much atk speed isnt that like a must for a 2h barb?
Edited by G3N3S1S#1693 on 11/13/2012 9:43 AM PST
@ Legit love the skorn build i also have a skorn build give it a 9/10 if you need a bit more DPS ATS is where its at GL!
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