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Your barb is very nice, a few thing i would change is a new left ring, maybe some more atk speed and cc, little bit more strength on ring aswell.
Apart from ring, very nice barb you have there keep it up

Keen for suggestions
Very nice build, hp and armor could be improved 7/10.

Rank me plz :)

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No barb I confused ;)
looking at fwp0406 (putting name in case my slow typing means someone else posts before me...)

also first time i've reviewed another char, so I may have limited viability...

Looks like you could use more attack speed and also crit damage. you've got some crit chance happening, and with ruthless and the basic attributes you'd have over 270% crit damage. Your resist is only just over 500 - with warcry this is over 600, but is this enough for higher mp levels in inferno.

you have good life on hit, life steal and life regen, but need this as your total life looks quite low. adding %life helps somewhat, but you really need more vit to take advantage of this.

Finally, a nice to have would be some movement speed to help keep you moving :) Hope this all helps.
@darklloth 8/10
@egelis, solid mate, really like the helm and I am thinking about 1 for myself. 8/10
I got skipped :(
11/14/2012 12:45 AMPosted by Grund
@egelis, solid mate, really like the helm and I am thinking about 1 for myself. 8/10

you sir, are absolutely not a glass cannon.

I salute you for the absurdness of your gear. Very nice indeed!
@sickpink 7.5/10 - upgrade aspd to synergize with skorn
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pls rate thanks!
11/14/2012 12:57 AMPosted by Lenny
I got skipped :(

Could do with abit more crit. few pieces of gear could use an upgrade for relatively cheap.

You can start with the pants and off hand.

@sickpink Solid start good to see another 2 Hander, more Attack speed would go along way. 8/10
@Grund Nice solid barb 9/10. A question on Lamentation though, would you think that its better than the IK belt?

Please re rate me.. dps is incorrect should be around 130-135k unbuffed. What should I upgrade?
@kikoamby - solid gear, might wanna go for a life steal skorn, pricey but worth it, but maybe not, attack speed is sweet.
o and a hellfire ring, you need that like yesterday lol
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@kikoamby I like my lamentation for the vit and life%, I have no LOH so rely on only 6% lifesteal from the belt and passive, because of this I went for a rather large HP pool. I also have the 3 set bonus already for IK so I dont reall need it, plus the 1% extra crit chance is nice.
On a crit 6% life steal nets me around 10k life in MP 5-6. The 2% HP on crit from WW is also fantastic at 90k life. As for yourself Its not a bad build but the HP pool is very low I'd look for some more VIT or life%. Also your Crit chance mat be a little bit low. As a rule of thumb aim for a 1 to 10 ratio of crit hit chance to crit damage. Overall though its still a good Barb 8/10.
Edited by Grund#1388 on 11/14/2012 1:35 AM PST

and Lamentations crap imo, cause no AR and no max fury (which if you ever Hammer of TA for top single target dmg +fury is sweet.)
Edited by MajorGee#1303 on 11/14/2012 1:39 AM PST
@MajorGee Very nice barb and even with a good Hellfire ring. I have made 14 so far and none are anywhere near the 2 rings I have on. Still HP pool is a little low for my liking but nice work. 8.5/10
BTW why Jerk MajorGee, I've done nothing too you My All resist is 500 with Warcry which is plenty at my HP level so I dont need any more, infact I am thinking about a witching hour for another 14k or so DPS
Edited by Grund#1388 on 11/14/2012 1:40 AM PST
yeah i edited that out was a little harsh sorry lol, but yeah my hp pool is a little low but i dont really mind.
Edited by MajorGee#1303 on 11/15/2012 9:41 AM PST
@ Grund
nice stuff. average dmg somewhere on your amulet/rings (yours are nice tho) would add some dps i imagine. also lacunis with crit,str,..res all. 9/10-cus you 2hand >.<
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