Diablo® III


@sedi, 7/10, i would recommend some more atck/move speed, and a mempo. Pretty good barb tho
Upgrade ur ef and get a ik chest
EDIT: 7.5/10
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@Panos LoH with the nerf just didnt feel as OP as it use to. The 500 LoH i have on my amulet is not by choice i was using that last night for farming the other one had crit chance and str and atk speed. I like doing higher dmg with the 6pct return rather than LoH :)
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11/13/2012 10:04 AMPosted by CoisaRuim
@sedi, 7/10, i would recommend some more atck/move speed, and a mempo. Pretty good barb tho

I'm finding it a little difficult to break through that 24ms cap ;) Thanks for rating!

AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but the skorn does have to go :)
@sedi, oh u got it on ur ring, didnt see it, sorry man.
@Sedi maybe more str and crit damage and you are good to go
rate plz

On the right track, but upgrade your shoulders, boots, and helm for more str/vit/resist, you can easily replace andys and make up the damage with those changes.
i dont get those WW barbs with skorn, is it really worth it for the extra dps?
I've never us 2 hand weapons it really skorn good as compared to the two one hand weapons, I see that it uses a lot of barbarians here
sorry not good in english
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you need AS to further improve your barb. solid so far.
Rate plz
@Coisa decent barb, not a fan of echoing fury because of its ability. Could use some more crit chance too. Close to 100k nice.
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11/13/2012 10:19 AMPosted by Pean181
Rate plz

@ Gideon. 8/10 Looks good! Only thing I could see that you could upgrade without breaking the bank too hard is the non-hellfire ring. Solid barb, bet it's fun to play!

Where's the weapons master passive? That's a lot of CH% you're missing.
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Very nice
well..... how does he look.

Joeh I would look to get a socket on your MH asap
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