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How do you guys think my gear is looking? never have/will use the RMAH
lots of good stuff, only upgrades i could see cost a bunch of gold lol
@ handbanana

Pretty solid gear for the most part. You definitely need to work on your off hand and get more ias to make your build more viable.

Also thought id mention, the boots I am wearing in my profile were replaced right before the servers went down. Currently using 245 str/70 vital ice climbers w/ 7% pickup radius.
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@Gideon: I'm jelly of your helm and chest pieces. :(

@bwest: nice dps, sir!
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@Gideon thx man! I hate the EF too but its what i could afford at the time. I want a badass sunkeeper for my MH!
@bacon that HF ring gives me wood. Great barb ik gloves with ias geez its stacked 10/10
@kaputt only ik piece I had to guy was the gloves, rest dropped for me. lucky I know
@jay RMAH is for people who are too lazy to go get it themselves. I use the AH for upgrades but I take pride in finding most of my gear myself.
i got like 38 million, anyone can give me a suggestion what to upgrade next?
@ Gideon Wow nice set you got there 11/10! Im pretty noob so idk how to really critique. Could use some help tho if no1 minds, dunno what to build XD
@bacon, very solid build, good dps and ehp 10/10
What should I upgrade next?
100 Orc Warrior
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I would like any suggestions on gear upgrade priority. I was planning on replacing the chest first with IK for the set bonus. Also, is IAS better than CC/CD?


What can I upgrade for less than 70mil?!
11/13/2012 11:28 AMPosted by CoisaRuim
i got like 38 million, anyone can give me a suggestion what to upgrade next?

maybe change out the inna's pants, you are already maxing out movespeed with the IK boots and lacunis
@blee weps with Open sockets to get more CD out of them
I finally found the gear to upgrade...

( when legs rained on me 2 weeks ago to the tune of 10 a day, the past week Ive found 3...but thats another subject)

...as others had suggested, thks to those, any more suggestions?
@Obscurumz I'd grab an IK chest, and new weapons with more inherent crit damage. Gonna cost alot though.
@!@#$%^s your chest of course! Also you have a ton of life, could swap your gems for rubies

Very viable build. I farm MP10 and ubers pretty easy. I stand in desecrated pools to gain fury. =) What do you guys think?
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