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CM/WW Wizard- Budget set up How to

I've played an archon wizard for a long time and I've enjoyed it but it wasn't always the most friendly group build. It felt weird and although I have some hybrids that work, sometimes you just gotta mix it up. So I started to look into conversion kit based on my archon gear to a cm setup without having to spend more than a few mil and then I considered what it would take to make a full-blown budget setup from there. This is what I found:

I actually have a great alternative for cm/ww wizards that I find works really well....

Build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#gVXYhO!WgX!cYaYcZ

Items: now, this my seem odd at first but you want to pick up a set of tal rasha's minus the belt or the amulet.

So we have helm(5-6% cc), chest (9% ias), amulet (preferably one with attack speed or crit) but we'll keep it bare bones for this and say skip the amulet and get the belt (1% CC), and source (9-10 % cc & 9-10 APoC).

Amulet: CC & IAS Preferably High crit and lower attack speed if you ask me due to amulets giving the largest amount of crit tied with gloves. Other stats to consider high vit, regen, or life on hit. I personally would say skip getting AR on your amulet... This might come as a shock but this piece has the most potential for offense outside of your wep and source.

Weapon choice: Chantando's (1.64 Attacks per second & 9-10 APoC) if you really want to go bare bones wizard spike...

Rings: Crit and IAS (will say we get 8% IAS and 4.5% CC)

Gloves: The bare bones version is massive attack speed and crit chance, if you can get a nice set of trifectas go for it (7 IAS and 7.5cc Min), other wise a nice set of bifectas with defense (9% IAS and 8.5% CC)

Belt: Ideally Witching hour (8-9% IAS), but in this example Tal's was the choice

Pants: Inna's (if you don't get the witching hour and got a defensive belt this would be a must have in my mind)

Bracers: I would recommend Lacuni Prowlers with min of 3-4 CC with 8-9% IAS if you get (3% cc get max IAS). However, if you are really hurting on defenses pick up a solid 5.5-6 CC set of bracers

Shoulders and boots: Fill in your defenses

Other things to shoot for: get some life on hit (350-600 LoH), 500 Min AR combined with your int. ideally 650 is my personal golden number but it can be hard to get, 30k health min, 500 Life regen.

Sample set of gear and calcs:

Head: 5.5% CC
Chest: 9% IAS
Belt: 1% CC
Amulet: 7.5% CC & 7IAS
Ring1: 4.5% CC & 8IAS
Ring2: 4.5% CC & 8IAS
Pants: 1% CC % 9 IAS
Bracers: 3.5% CC & 9IAS
Gloves: 8.5% CC & 9 IAS
Source: 9.5% CC & 10 APoC
Wep: 1.64 attacks/sec & 10 APoC

Total: 49% IAS, 50.5% Crit chance, 20 APoC and because of tal's set and Astral presence we have 4 AP regen/sec additional regen a second putting it to 14 AP regen/sec.

Weapon attack speed comes out to 2.44 Attacks/sec and in your slow time bubble that increases to 2.60 Attacks/sec

If you get a chantando with attack speed and has 1.73 attacks/Sec you hit 2.577 and in your slow time bubble you hit 2.75 attacks/sec
All of this done with a pretty cheap set of gear. Hope this helps
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Wizard spike is an under rated item. I got one for 600k last night that was almost perfect.. 10 apoc, almost 1.70 APS and 80 res all 980 dps... Can't be beaten for the price.
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