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WD Skill bug: Stalker w/ Horrify rune

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The skill may have some functionality problems. The tooltip displays the full 20% IMS, but it's not clear whether we're actually getting it. Tested the problem as follows:

- Stand at the Mayor in Act 3, run to the front gate, and observe distance traveled at last skill's expiration. I picked this location because if you stack all three you can just barely make it out the gate before the Chicken drops. In principle, all the skills should increase distance traveled by a roughly equivalent amount - though you do have to adjust for the longer duration of AC.

Skills: Spirit Walk/Jaunt, Horrify/Stalker/, Hex/Angry Chicken. Results for movement traveled when stacking two or more skills are as follows:

Stack all three: out gate
Stack SW/AC: tiny bit short of gate
Stack SW/Horrify: side edge of campfire
Stack Horrify/AC: just past campfire

One theory is that Horrify isn't actually stacking past the movement speed cap on gear, even though the tooltip says it is. Further testing with a different Spirit Walk rune (reducing the variance on the SW vs. AC/Horrify treatments) gives results that aren't consistent with this.
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this is indeed broken! I have the same issue...
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Updated: Switching from Jaunt to any other SW rune gives a purer test. It still seems a bit off, but I think we can safely eliminate the movement speed cap as the problem as the magnitude isn't that large.
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blizz please test this
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fix please
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Broken as hell.. How Bliz let this slip by after all these patches?????!?!?!?!
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How is it not fixed yet? Blizzard? Hello? Anybody home? Its clear it is not working as it should. When walking out of jaunt spirit walk the effect is not there at all.

Fleeting rune feels much much faster than stalker, with only 5% difference
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90 Human Monk
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Was theorycrafting potential witch doctor builds because I wanted to level one and was very disappointed upon googling this skill to find this thread as the first result. Bump so it gets fixed!
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BUMP - I have waited so long for this to get fixed as I love witch doctor above all other characters. But not fixed yet?

come on blizzard.
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